Disappointed but… Surprised— Fire Song by Adam Garnet Jones

Fire Song by Adam Garnet Jones
Newly Released!!


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A Ready-To-Fail April TBR

I am less late than usual and I am trying to change my style again but you should be proud of me anyway.

ICYMI: I set a BUNCH of goals back in December that I’m planning on sticking to for this. whole. year. Or at least the first six months. I set myself six goals total, three of which are you-absolutely-must-do-this-every-month. Which, yikes.

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Anthologies Have Stopped Being Bad—All Out by Saundra Mitchell

All Out by Various
Newly Released!

Listen, I’ve been anticipating this anthology for months now, but this was so much better than I expected – I want to put this down as the best anthology I have ever read, and the ratings support that. Of the seventeen stories in this book, I gave nine five stars [holy shit], three four stars, three three stars, and only two two stars, for my highest rating ever – an average rating of 4.12. This is a true anthology. All other anthologies can leave.

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