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2018 Goals, Part 2 and #BeattheBacklist

Let’s talk 2018 reading goals.

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SUPER LATE December Haul— Christmas Presents and Books

It’s been so so long since I posted a haul! Two months, to be exact, as December got away from me a little bit. But here we go with a haul!

🏳️‍🌈 lgbtq lead / major side chars
☀️ lead characters of color
🌸 neurodiversity, disability, trauma

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Elise Has Crappy Mental Health: The Squeakquel — LET’S CHAT about February Goals

SO! January has been a far busier month than I could’ve guessed and I’ve spent 98% of my time doing homework. Or occasionally reading. So with my horrible mental health, my personality outside of that has been in sharp decline. And I’ve decided to make these former January Faves posts into combo self-care-and-my-things posts.

And I want to hear from you about how you’re doing on self care! If the answer is “shitty” you are definitely not alone. But should probably still improve.

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Please Stop Killing Me — Let’s Talk About #BuryYourGays

So I found out something horrible about a book I was planning on reading the other day. I had been planning on reading this book a week from the day I found out, an experience that would have been incredibly uncomfortable for me. And as a result, I have decided to talk! To discuss. To discuss a trope I really hate that just will not die.

It keeps coming back. Like mold. Or like the Maze Runner movies.

I’m sure someone is going to comment below and be a dick about this — YOU CAN’T KNOW IT’S PROBLEMATIC TILL YOU’VE READ IT!! — but jesus, I have made a vow to myself to avoid books where this occurs. Why? Because every time I read them it feels like crap. Have fun trying to excuse this trope in the comments, but it feels. like. crap.

So let’s talk about why.

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Series I Am Either Reading or — GASP — DNFing This Year

I had a big, ambitious goal for the year to read a series — or, as an extension of this goal, read three series books — every single month.

Annnnnnnnd turns out I own a lot of series beginners! Because I have a bad habit of buying first series books and then never reading the series. This year will fix that. Hopefully.

Also, I say DNFing because the original first series on this list got itself kicked off my list completely 150 pages in. Yikes.

Let’s get into the series I will definitely be reading — or savagely DNFing and tossing off my shelves — this year!

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