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The Most-Popular Books on my TBR

Today we’re going to be talking about the most-popularly-read books on my TBR. I got this idea from Adriana’s channel [FOLLOW THEM] and thought it seemed so fun. We’ll work off physical TBR for now, because ho boy, I’m not even going to deal with my later TBR.

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#PredictingMyRatings: Five Five-Star TBR Predictions

Hey guys! So TODAY it is time to run off, as a follow-up to this lovely post, some more books that I think I could absolutely love. Maybe. Possibly. Of course, when I first thought about making this list, I had a book on it that ended up being one of my worst reads of 2017. So what do I know?

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Ya Girl Kept Rescheduling Her —End of the Year Survey— And This Is What Happened

I never do book tags anymore but you know what? The year just ended — okay, it was four months ago now  because this post got rescheduled and pushed back upwards of ten times — and it is TIME. I was tagged by the excellent @LifeofaLiteraryNerd, who you should DEFINITELY all follow, but this survey was created by Jamie @PerpetualPageTurner so make sure you go check out her page and linky with everyone’s surveys!

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Favorite Sapphic Couples: Top Five [Ten] Wednesday

If you’ve been on this blog for a while, you know that sapphic girl books are kind of my brand. [And sapphic girl tv shows. Talents Include: listing noncanon ships for 180000 hours.]

And so today I’m going a Top Five Wednesday [Ten, in this case] that a lot of people found difficult because they have apparently never read a book with f/f or seen any show with f/f. If you’re one of those people I hope you use this post as a wake up call.

[I am actually not joking here, if you’ve really never read a sapphic book you should perhaps try to fix that? I have a whole list dispersed through genres and am willing to do specific recs whenever please and thank you]

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