June Posts #I // A Very Long July TBR and TBR Wrap-Up

Hey blogger friends, it’s Elise, and it’s time for yet another TBR! I’ve tried out a new format, partially inspired by blogging of several of my best blogging friends, for these posts this month, and I think the result is gorgeous. All these cover banners look so nice!

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 6.48.42 PM
this one is absolutely the prettiest of all of them

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#BooktubeSFFAwards TBR

If you haven’t heard of the BooktubeSFF awards, here’s the full shortlist on Goodreads. And naturally…. I am self-sabotaging by trying to read the books in each category.

My big goal is going to be to read every book in the short fiction, YA fantasy, and adult fantasy categories. And possibly also all the debuts and scifi. [Middle grade is just getting skipped, because come on, do you know me?] Let’s get going. These are being voted on in June, so I have three months to read all of these. All the ones I read will get ✅ marks, my tbr will have 🌺, and all my DNFs or lost interests will have a big ❌.

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LONG [And Late] 🎶February🎶 TBR

Guess what I did this year? That’s right: started making my own monthly tbr shelves.

[look at this beauty!]
ICYMI: I set a BUNCH of goals back in December that I’m planning on sticking to for this. whole. year. Or at least the first six months. I set myself six goals total, three of which are you-absolutely-must-do-this-every-month. Which, yikes.

Let’s wrap up January!

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