other people’s words #1

I see so many amazing posts by friends on this website and I just really want to link to some of them. This will be a mashup of badass discussion posts and just plain fun posts.


There’s this lovely post on abusive relationships in books by @ ReaderInTheAttic. I’ve talked about this a lot, I know, but it’s really important to acknowledge how toxic certain relationships in young adult lit are to this day.


There’s this lovely post from a series by Marija @ InsideMyLibraryMind. She’s been doing character reading lists for weeks and weeks, and I am loving them. This most recent one is for Kaz Brekker. Also, this awesome Book Mashup tag in which she suggests a Six of Crows and How To Get Away With Murder Mashup. I love you, but why can’t I steal that idea??


Tasha’s discussion posts are awesome and underrated, and so of course she needs a spot here!! I’m going with my fave of all her posts – on YA hating f/f romance. This post is really important and necessary, and yeah, YA does hate f/f romance.

Which is (casual segway) one of the many reasons a few of us are hosting a wlw readathon come December!! Check back here and on the twitter sapphicathon page 🙂 I’ll be posting recs here and trying to mention it on the blog every month or so.


This super super important video on how we talk about diversity in queer lit. Listen, I love Adriana. They’ve been one of my fav booktubers ever since I found their channel.


Here’s a recent one by Jamieson, who ALSO does a ton of amazing discussion posts you should definitely check out: Intergenerational Friendships. I’m such a huge fan of this trope, and I love her for writing this. (GO FOLLOW.)


And another good post: Queer and Trans Stories I Need. This is about tragedy in lit vs. emotional catharsis, and it’s super important.


And as the final post: Destiny @ HowlingLibraries’ discussion on Different Criteria For Different Genres. This is really interesting and important!! I loved the quote “Just because I 5-starred a book does not mean that I agree with all of its content” because yes.


That’s it for today, guys! Have a great week 🙂


Broadway!! my NY trip + show reviews

I just got to go to New York for a week and see a bunch of shows. That’s literally all we did – we just saw shows. Eight of them, actually. In a week. And ya girl wanted to write some brief reviews for all of them!! So here we are.

Thankfully, I liked every single show I saw this trip at least to some degree. I’m going to be ranking these on enjoyment, but bear in mind that I am very much a musical girl and am extremely biased. Basically, I loved all of these. Not much of a review. 

Assassins – Sat. matinee, 3.5 stars

Asssasins is about killing presidents. No, really; it’s about every single person who has tried to kill a president. Did you know that two women have tried, and both did so within twenty days of each other? I didn’t either. As a musical, I loved this, but there were a few flaws in production. 

If you like Sondheim’s style, or even tolerate it, you’ll probably like this musical. It’s the same strange blend of thematic significance and humor as his normal fair.

So my issue wasn’t with the show, it was with the production. First of all, there was the very weak set. But that could’ve been ignored if not for one thing – the cast was not given enough time to prepare. I saw this musical at a five-day showcase at Civic Center, and unfortunately, it showed. In terms of acting, everyone was quite solid – I especially liked a few performers. I loved the John Wilkes Booth (not a sentence I ever thought I’d say), the man on the stage who sings “why did you do it” with Booth, the Manson Murderer girl, and the Santa Claus dude. Yet even they were under-rehearsed. There were some obvious dropped cues and missed lines, and at one point the cast had their books out. At another point, someone went onstage when they were obviously not needed. She played it off quite well, but you could still tell what had happened.

Come From Away – Thursday, 4 stars

I really enjoyed this!! This is one of the most <I>hopeful</I> musical I’ve ever seen.

Come From Away doesn’t focus on any specific character, so there aren’t many solos; instead, the show used gorgeous harmony to evoke emotion. This differentiates the show from just any show, as well as leading to some really gorgeous musical builds. That being said, I think I would have preferred more character focus and development.

Not my favorite ever, but definitely a show to see.

Chicago – Friday, 4 stars

This was great, obviously. I’ve never seen Chicago live before, so it was fun to contrast this to the movie.

The major difference between the show and the movie is the aspect of comedy. In the movie, Cell Block Tango is eerie and almost terrifying with its musical build. In the show, it’s amusing. Same with Mama’s Good To You. Most of the comedic songs were a lot of fun, but I didn’t think those two should’ve been comedic. It’s a really big change and I have to admit, I liked the balance of horror and comedy better in the movie.

Obviously, Chicago is focused around the dance aspect. I have to admit that while I loved the dancing, some of it should be edited at this point. Yes, it’s been around for 50 years. The fact remains that the I Can’t Do It Alone choreo is kind of horrifyingly bad.

Aside from the dancing, I also found the story occasionally disjointed. Chicago is a fabulous show, but it can’t decide what it’s focusing on until the final number. 

We actually had a swing actress, Robyn Hurder, for Roxie, and she was fabulous!! I absolutely loved her vulnerability as it contrasted with her selfishness. A part of me despised her, yet I still felt for her. This actress also had some great dancing, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure she was cast for her fabulous acting above anything else. I can’t believe she was a swing. I loved all the side characters as well; Mama was especially amazing.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as big a fan of the Velma. Her acting and dancing was okay, but her physicality felt all wrong for the character. My mother loved her for the role, so maybe this was just my own interpretation of the character taking over.

Indecent – Wed. Matinee, 4.5 stars

For our Wednesday matinee, my mother and I decided to try this year’s best director of a play winner. Indecent is about a Jewish theater company that managed to get the first-ever kiss between two women onto Broadway in the 1920s. Wow, this made me cry. The ending scenes about love surviving? The two women metaphorically living on? Goodnight. This hit my mother emotionally harder than it hit me, surprisingly. We had an understudy for one of the girls, but I couldn’t tell at all; the whole cast was stunning, especially her.

I do think it went on a bit too long. My heart was absolutely shattered ten minutes before the end and then it… just… kept… going. The actual ending was lovely, but the earlier one almost made me sadder with the same message. Ending #2 left me a little underwhelmed in comparison.

The Play That Goes Wrong – Wednesday, 4.5 stars

After the matinee performance of Indecent, we needed something less heartbreaking. This was just the thing. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a show. This play is a comedy following a mystery play put on by a terrible theater troupe, and as suggested by the title, everything goes wrong. Not just the acting, either; the whole set collapses at one point.

It’s just a comedy, yes, but this is a very high-quality show. While there were a few jokes that got repeated too many times, the continuity throughout the show is impressive. Many of the one-liners translated into further jokes an entire act later.

Anastasia – Saturday, 4.5 stars

This was great!! Anastasia is a lot more of a traditional show and doesn’t necessarily do anything new. And you know what, that’s fine. It’s a fantastically acted and fun ride. This isn’t a musical that will change anyone’s life, but it’s a great one full of catchy songs.

I actually got to go backstage for this because my mother is friends with John Bolton, who plays Vlad. So I’m a little biased towards the performers. But I really loved everyone. I’m really sad the lead actress, Christy Altomare, didn’t get nominated. Her voice alone deserves ten nominations; she can sing like a fucking angel. But her acting was fabulous too, especially in a scene close to the end (I won’t spoil). I loved Dimitri and everyone else too!! I especially loved Ramin Karimloo as Gleb, the Russian man who is sent to kill Anya. He was just unbelievably talented, especially in terms of voice. My favorite performance was probably Caroline O’Connor as Lili, the lady in waiting, who was just hilarious. The acting of The Countess and the Common Man was absolute comedy gold.  

In terms of music this was also great. I especially loved the song Russia of Days Past!! The staging of this deserves a shoutout as well, flipping between locations believably in very short periods of time.

Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 – Tuesday, 5 stars

I get why people thought this deserved the Tony now!! I’m still team DEH, but this was lovely.

The music and vocal selection of this is very abstract and different. There are no vocal themes. It’s purposeful, and it somehow works very well, especially onstage. I’d almost compare the dissonance to one of my personal fave underrated musicals, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It’s both the worst and best thing about this show. My favorite songs were probably Charming and the Prologue.

I also appreciated the race-blind casting!! And damn, did it lead them to some fabulous actors. Denee Benton absolutely kills it, with one of the best voices I’ve heard. I just found out via Wikipedia that I saw Oak Onaodowan’s first night ever, and I have to say I’m pretty shocked; his performance rocked so much. (And his actor bio begins with the sentence “surprisingly, I haven’t only done Hamilton”.) I also really loved Amber Grey as Helene and Ingrid Michaelson, one of my favorite singers, as Sonja.

Also, random thought, but this is one of the most subtextually gay shows I’ve ever seen, especially considering it revolves around a love triangle.

Dear Evan Hansen – Sun. matinee, 5 stars

This was the second time I’ve gotten to see DEH. It’s one of my favorite musicals of all time, maybe with the exception of my real fave (Fun Home), so this review contains bias.

This time, we were missing both Rachel Bay Jones and Ben Platt. So now seems the perfect time to talk acting.

Let’s just get this out of the way: the swing for Evan is fabulous. Seriously, he was great. If I didn’t know Ben was the lead, I would not have thought Connor (yes, that’s really his name) was an understudy. I definitely liked Ben a little more, but they’re both fabulous and engaging. Unfortunately, the understudy for Rachel Bay Jones wasn’t as impressive. She was fine, but that role needs to be better than fine.

All the side actors are fabulous as always. Mike Faist (Connor Murphy) is hilarious and heartbreaking. I’m going to be honest and say I don’t love the singing voice of Laura Dreyfuss (Zoe Murphy), but her acting skills are too fantastic for me to want anyone else for the role. I also really love Will Roland’s acting as Jared. I really want to shout out EVERYONE here, because every single actor is so talented. They definitely cast for acting and not singing in this show.

Maybe my one complaint (that’s not a result of having a swing) was the overmiking. Everything sounded fabulous except some of the worded harmonies, which were hard to understand. This was most noticeable during Good For You. The only other song in the show with harmonies on words, rather than on “o-oh,” is You Will Be Found. I didn’t notice any issues during that song, but that might be because I was crying so hard.

To that point – I still can’t get through this show without crying. Yes, this show relevant and important. But I think what I like most about it is how emotionally in-touch it all feels. You Will Be Found is one of the most emotionally cathartic Broadway songs of all time. It makes more sense in context, but if you haven’t listened to the musical yet, please give this specific song a listen at the very least.

To wrap up, I hope you all enjoyed my reviews!! I’m really glad we got to see all these shows – it’s a treat I probably will never repeat.

What I Want Out of Television

This is a totally random post sparked by my dissatisfaction with a lot of tv shows I’ve been watching in the past few years. There’s SO MUCH I want out of tv, and I’ve really been having some trouble with it.

So first of all, I have a list of my favorite tv shows ever here.

  1. Them morally complex characters. I don’t really care for completely likable heroines. And honestly, who does? Give me moral conflicts and well-developed characters. Some of my faves for this, almost of all of which have gone downhill, were Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and The 100.
  2. Slow-burn romance, and the tv show ends when they get together. We have all seen those shows where they get together and immediately it sucks. Brooklyn Nine Nine is literally the only counterexample I can think of. So it’s time for more shows where the main characters get together only in the last season, despite being set up since the beginning. Please.
  3. Relating to that: give me the happy gays. I just want some live lesbians on tv. Just a few. Please.
  4. More serials that make me happy!! I’ve been having some trouble with a lot of my shows I’ve watched recently, and I think I’ve decided that with a few exceptions for super long developing plot series, I prefer strong serials with internal character arcs to overarching series plot type-shows. I actually got this from an interesting video dissecting Sherlock!! A lot of my favorite heartwarming shows focus entirely on internal arcs. For example, Firefly does this very well. I think a lot of shows start out doing this and then give way to less serial plots as they continue. Shows like Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, and Revenge were much more my favorites during their one-off eras.

Anyway, thanks for reading this odd discussion post. Have a great day, y’all!!

Ranking Shakespeare Plays!!

I am so sorry for being extra in my choice of topics? This post is brought to you by the fact that I just finished being in the play Julius Caesar!! So now I felt the need to show off some opinions.

13. A Winter’s Tale

Yikes, this play is so disjointed. It quite literally feels like two different plays shoved together.

Also, yet another random dude who’s terrible to his wife getting redeemed with no effort. I don’t mind dudes who are terrible to their wives to add complexity – I love Othello. But this show doesn’t really redeem the Duke much. Hermione returns and they’re just like “all’s well that ends well!!” Um, okay?? Or Paulina could kill Leontes and they could all live happily ever after for real. I’m just saying.

12. The Taming of the Shrew

I don’t really like this play much; it’s pretty darn sexist in 90% of adaptations and really not that funny. But if adapted into a more modern setting, it can become a comedy about two rude people coming together, rather than a story about a woman being broken. You know, with a lot of cuts.

I have to admit, this play was totally worth it for the fantastic movie 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s maybe my favorite high school romcom ever. Scratch that “maybe”; it is.

11. The Tempest

I just… don’t care? about this one? at all? it’s pretty pointless and weird. I feel like I need to see an actual adaptation of it, because hoo boy, is it flat in the text.

10. Merchant of Venice

This is supposed to be a comedy and it’s not?? it’s not?? It’s really only that funny if you hate Jewish people. Which obviously people at the time did.

But it’s so easy to flip this play around and turn it into a fabulous tragedy. I’m really interested in seeing that interpretation. Maybe this would go up in the ranking with that interpretation. MAYBE.

9. King Lear

Again, I really just don’t care about this one. It’s mediocre, the storyline is easy to predict, one of the good guy actually ends up winning at the end… it’s fine. It just doesn’t stand out to me.

8. Twelfth Night

This play is… actually pretty good. I like the characters, I like the storyline fine, etc etc etc. The only reason this isn’t higher is because that whole Malvolio storyline is really cringeworthy and unfunny. It grosses me out every time, to be honest.

7. Romeo and Juliet

This isn’t a romance. It’s not. It’s a story about prejudice and the clash between younger generations and older generations. Which if you think about it is a recurring theme in Shakespeare’s works; it pops up in Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well.

Anyway, I don’t really care much for the romance in this, and unfortunately, I think that’s the element most productions / retellings emphasize. But if this play is done right, I am so into it.

ALSO: I’ve been catching up on Still Star-Crossed recently. Wish me luck!!

6. Othello

I really like this play!! I don’t know what I have to say about it that hasn’t been said before; it’s not exactly a divisive play from what I can tell. Othello is insecure due to years of racism, and is taken down by one of the most insidious villains in any Shakespeare play. It’s terrifying and really interesting.

There’s not much to analyze specifically here or give opinions on. It’s a damn good show. Love it.

5. Macbeth

This used to be my favorite tragedy as a kid, but after rereading it this year in English, I’m really not quite sure why.

Macbeth is not a bad play by any means. I love the storyline; it’s eerie and interesting. I like the characters, despicable as they are. I personally think this play translates better on screen. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are roles it’s best to see acted out. Speaking of which, Kate Fleetwood and Patrick Stewart do the best job with these roles.

It’s just not very… tragic, I guess? The good guys win. Ambition is a tragic flaw. This play is anti-Macbeth, anti-witch propaganda written for King James, and it shows. Same issues as King Lear.

I don’t know. I think everything builds up to a fantastic conclusion, and then the book stutters to an end. Lady Macbeth dies offscreen, rather than onscreen. Despite their good soliloquys towards the end, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s actual deaths didn’t work for me.

4. Hamlet

This used to be one of my least favorite shakespeare plays. Why? Come on, you know why. In 90% of adaptations, Hamlet is a dick. He’s probably the type to send dick picks.

BUT THEN. I saw a live adaptation and, let me tell you, it was amazing. I finally got the appeal of Hamlet’s character and why he’s compelling!! We actually had an actress playing the character with some pronouns changed, and her portrayal of the character was so fucking spot on. I don’t even know how to explain to you how much I loved her performance. It’s maybe my favorite live performance of any actor ever. She actually brought tears to my eyes. I SOBBED.

So now I’m an unabashed lover of this play. Oops.


3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is my favorite comedy that isn’t just influenced by nostalgia. It’s genuinely really funny.

I personally think reading Shakespeare’s plays doesn’t work. These plays deserve to be seen, with acting and dramatic scenes. On page, this play is maybe not the funniest ever. On stage, though, it’s fabulous.

This show also has one of my favorite endings. It’s such a good monologue!! And so meta about plays.

2. Julius Caesar

I am SO biased. I was literally just in this. I actually bumped it up a spot from 4 to 2, because the more I think about it, this is maybe one of my favorite plays of all time.

My favorite thing about this play is that there’s no villain. Every single character could be played as a hero or a villain or someone in between. Every bad thing that happens is the result of a character decision. I just really love this type of tragedy narrative, where it’s not about fate or stupidity; it’s about who these characters are as people.

This is also just one of the best-written plays I’ve ever read. I love how Shakespeare varies his meter for every character. Okay, example time: Brutus ends at least half his statements with weak endings rather than in typical Iambic Pentameter. Cool, right? Maybe it’s not if you don’t know what any of that meant. Nevermind. But my nerd ass loves it. Also, so much rhetoric. That assembly scene changed me as a person. You could write a freaking term paper on that scene and still not fully analyze the whole thing.

And it’s still a relevant story today!! This play has some really fucking relevant political commentary. There’s actually a line in this play about how this bloody scene, this surprise betrayal, will be reenacted a thousand times over in the future, and it’s maybe the most brilliant line of all time, ever. I love it. I can’t believe we cut it.

Also, I have a review full of memes up here. I really do love your work, Shakespeare. Really.

1. Much Ado About Nothing

YES, my love for this play is mostly nostalgia. No, I do not care. Basically, this is the play that got me into Shakespeare. I saw that Kenneth Branagh / Emma Thompson movie of it when I was maybe eight years old and I LOVED IT SO MUCH.

This is basically the original hate to love story. That’s it, that’s why I love it. Okay, no, it’s genuinely super funny and I love it. Beatrice is super funny, the tropes are great, the banter is awesome… yeah, it’s just solidly fun.

I do have to admit I kind of hate the Claudio storyline. It’s just cringey and gross and again, the same as that Winter’s Tale storyline. BUT I love the narrative about misogyny!! Okay, I genuinely consider this a feminist play. Benedict’s relevance as a romantic hero is proven partially by the fact that he believes Hero when she says she hasn’t been unfaithful. Claudio’s assumption Don John is right is emblematic of him being terrible. It’s not framed as Hero’s fault.


Anyway, thanks if you actually got to the end of this post and dealt with my ridiculously nerdy self. Hope you enjoyed!! And definitely mention any opinions in the comments.

Fierce Fangirl Friday: Fave Albums Ever

Jackie over at TooMuchABookNerd has been doing her new tag, Fierce Fangirl Friday, for a few weeks now. And I love it so much that I’m going to do it sometimes. Thanks to Jackie for establishing such a great tag and being such a great mutual!!

This week, I’m going to be doing my favorite albums ever.


5) Salute – Little Mix

This is probably my favorite typical pop album. The vocals of this girl band kill me every time.
Fave Songs: Little Me (Unplugged), Boy, Competition
“Meh” Songs: These Four Walls



4) Electra Heart – Marina + the Diamonds

Alternative pop songs with a lot of depth to them. I love the emotion behind these. I also love how coherent the book is!
Fave Songs: Bubblegum Bitch, Starring Role (Acoustic), Fear and Loathing
“Meh” Songs: The State of Dreaming, Hypocrates


3) Red – Taylor Swift

I absolutely love the country / pop blend of this album. All the unpopular songs are the best ones, to be honest. The whole is better than the sum of its parts. 
Fave Songs
: All Too Well, Treacherous, Everything Has Changed, Begin Again
“Meh” Songs: The Last Time, Sad Beautiful Tragic

2) Badlands – Halsey 

Relaxing, slightly indie music with great vocals and some really emotive lyrics. I love this album’s aesthetic so much.
Fave Songs: Hold Me Down, Control, I Walk The Line
“Meh” Songs: NONE!!!!!! (okay Colors pII but that’s literally it)


1) White Noise – PVRIS

This album is just my absolute vibe. I love every song so, so much. It’s flawless. I could listen to nothing but this album ever again.
Fave Songs: Mirrors (this is literally my favorite song ever), Ghosts, White Noise
“Meh” Songs: Empty and Eyelids. I like both of these songs a lot, but I never listen to them for some reason. I should fix that.


Alright, that’s it for my favorite albums list!! Hope you guys enjoyed. Comment below if you like any of these bands!

Fierce Fangirl Friday: Favorite TV Shows I’ve Ever Watched

Jackie over at TooMuchABookNerd has been doing her new tag, Fierce Fangirl Friday, for… probably a month now? And I have been loving it!! Thanks again to Jackie for establishing such a fabulous tag 🙂

For this week, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite tv shows ever!! I actually barely watch TV anymore, so this is basically all the tv shows I’ve been obsessed with. My life in TV shows? Maybe.

BONUS – Supernatural, seasons 1-5, season 8

This was my favorite show at one point. Please don’t talk to me about this part of my life. Seasons one to three were campy but awesome, four and five were just fabulous, and I’m sad the show went so downhill.

10 – Firefly, season one

This show is heartwarming and full of brilliant squad dynamics. I don’t know if this show is necessarily a masterpiece, but it makes me laugh and occasionally cry. It’s great. Go try it. I believe it’s only on DVD, not Netflix or Hulu, but it’s probably on Amazon too.

9 – Game of Thrones, seasons 1-4, maybe ongoing?

So I do enjoy this show. Yes, there are way too many pedophilic characters and rapists who are portrayed as morally ambiguous when they’re just dicks, and yes, there are so many racist and homophobic tropes I don’t even know how to begin.

At this point, though, I feel as if it’s just pain and more pain and oh look, more fucking pain. So creative. I had this issue with season four, but season five has just been a mess of boring or cringeworthy plotlines. Dany’s storyline is fairly boring, Sansa’s storyline is completely disgusting and handled in a super problematic way, and the capital’s storyline is so disgusting I have trouble watching it. The capital storyline essentially romanticizes a religious vie that calls for the death of all queer people, which is so blatantly disgusting I don’t even know where to begin. Not to mention that the characters whose pain is focused on are all heterosexual. Yeah, homophobia shouldn’t be a plot device. It’s disgusting and I want the whole season 50000 feet away from me.

That being said, I did truly enjoy the first few seasons. Before you ask, Sansa is my favorite character by far. I don’t even know why; she just kills me.

8 – Brooklyn Nine Nine, seasons 1-ongoing

A heartwarming comedy show. But a really high-quality heartwarming comedy show. It’s on Hulu. Go check it out.

7 – Revenge, seasons 1-2

I love this stupid tv show so much. It’s a Monte Christo retelling full of twists and revenge and awesome characters. Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke is one of my all-time favorite heroines. She’s a little bit morally grey, but mostly just morally black. I love her. Check it out on Netflix.

6 – Jessica Jones, season one

This is a one-season exploration of trauma and rape culture, complete with a focus on friendship, a terrifyingly real villain, and one of my all-time favorite heroines. The ending of the last episode gave me chills, y’all. Definitely check this out on Netflix.

5 – Black Mirror

This is a series of standalone episodes, and so many of them are amazing. I originally watched this because of the buzz surrounding San Junipero. And yes, that episode is a masterpiece. But at my cousin’s house this winter, I watched Hated In The Nation, episode 6 of season 3. And it is probably my favorite hour of tv ever. This episode terrifed me more than any horror movie I’ve seen. Every moment is terrifying. That one reviewer who said it was messy can come into my home and fight me. Check it out on Netflix.

4 – Once Upon A Time, season one

A fairy-tale retelling – but INSIDE A TV SHOW.

Season one of this show is freaking brilliant; a dark and suspenseful fairy tale retelling, with focus on a trio of powerful women and their familial relationships, creative backstories for each fairy tale character, brilliant plot twists, two of the most incredible villains of all time, family bonds between adopted parents and birth parents, and a developed yet badass heroine named Emma to boot. Season two is fairly good; though the storyline is lukewarm, the characters are just as great as always, and there’s a fabulous redemption arc for former Evil Queen Regina.

And then it gets shitty. I’m sorry, I know all of you love Hook, he’s hot, he’s fabulous, whatever. Fine. But Emma’s character has lost her spark to this relationship. She has lost her personality, and not in a “character arc” way. She just doesn’t have a character anymore. I also miss the focus on female friendships and family relationships. WHERE DID IT GO. I MISS IT.

I’m bitter and I stopped watching. But I still stand by the masterpiece that is season one.

3 – Glee, seasons 1-2

Okay, yes, it’s not a masterpiece. But I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s so cute and fun and I love all the cheesy duets more than my own life. Couples doing duet performances that parallel their own lives? I’m trash for it.

My advice would be: don’t watch past season two. Maybe watch season three if you really want to. But DO NOT CONTINUE. I promise you will regret it. I promise. Don’t do it.

2 – How To Get Away With Murder, season one

Season one of this show is freaking brilliant. The characters are fabulous and the plot twists are earth-shaking beyond anything else. It’s a Shonda show, guys; there’s a reason she’s so popular.

This show focuses on a team of law students and their teacher, Annalise Keating, after they kill her husband. Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Wes are such individually complicated and interesting characters. I love seeing them develop through the storytelling methods.

While I’m not the biggest fan of season two, I want to recommend this anyway just for the brilliance of season one.

1 – The 100, seasons 1-2

Oh my god, I’m so bitter about this show. DON’T GET ME STARTED. But I love seasons one and two more than my own life.

I think I saw someone call this “teenage game of thrones” and I honestly think that’s unfair to this show. Game of Thrones is honestly torture porn with flashy environments. The 100 is not a flashy environment show and it’s not fantasy. It’s more of a show full of moral conflicts and depth.

I feel so strongly for every single one of these characters. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy would all make my favorite characters of all time list. The relationships between all the characters are so compelling, too. I honestly ship each character with like five other characters.

And if you’re still reading this, my guess is you’re curious whether I’m team Bellarke or Clexa. And the answer is honestly… I ship Clarke with someone else really, really hard. I don’t hate Clexa or Bellarke; I find both of them pretty compelling pairings. But y’all are sleeping on a really fabulous ship here. Clarke and Raven are my forever otp and my favorite non-canon ship of all time. Their development is fabulous, their character dynamic is so compelling… it’s like they were written for me. You know that one episode Spacewalker? The ending of that episode makes me cry my eyes out just because of these two characters. If they got together I would literally watch the rest of the show, no matter how shitty.


If any of you like these shows, PLEASE COMMENT AND FANGIRL WITH ME!! I want to hear your opinions and your saltiness about when the show went downhill. Please, join my bitter ass.


Fierce Fangirl Friday: Recent Favorite Albums

It has been a week, but exams are finally over, and I’m looking to r-e-l-a-x. I.E., fangirl.

Jackie over at TooMuchABookNerd has been doing her new tag, Fierce Fangirl Friday, for a few weeks now. And I love it so much that I’m FINALLY going to do it! Thanks to Jackie for establishing such a great tag and being such an active follower!!

For this week, I’m going to talk about some of my current favorite songs!! Split into pop and alternative, with links, for your song rec convenience.


I just discovered the rest of Ella Henderson‘s discography, and I’m really loving it. Pieces, Glow, and Mirror Man are fabulous jams, while songs like Yours almost make me cry with their emotional realness. Her voice is so amazing, and I’m sad I only listened to her old hit Ghost before this. That song is still great, btw.


I’ve been really into Better Love by Foxes recently! She’s the artist behind the old hit Clarity, and her pop tone has apparently only improved since 2012.

Lies by CHVRCHES has somehow made its way back onto my favorites list after a few months off my list. It’s just such a jam??

Time Machine by Ingrid Michaelson has been a huge jam for me recently. It’s exactly the kind of song you can rock out to. Also, this music video is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in the last year??

Do Re Mi by Blackbear is more R&B, but I really like it and it definitely deserves a shoutout.


Mirrors by PVRIS has been on my playlist forever, along with pretty much all of their discography, and I’ve been so happy to add their new single Heaven to my faves list! It’s exactly the alternative, Fall Out Boy-ish jam angry-yet-emotional vibe I love.

Halsey has returned!! And I still haven’t listened to the full album. Because I’m terrible. And because I’ve been too busy listening to the 3rd single she released from the album, Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui. WHAT A SONG. I freaking love these two artists, and this song is one of the best jams I’ve heard in my life. After the first single Now or Never disappointed me a bit, I was also glad to love the stripped version of Eyes Closed so much! Her vocals here are just spectacular, probably better than in the studio version of the song.

I’m still really obsessed with the powerful vocals of The Civil Wars, especially on their song The One That Got Away. You know I love my angsty couple duets. This is the gold standard for angsty duets. And of course, there’s the more romantic and sweet Dust to Dust.

I’ve also been really into the song Premonitions by Vaults recently. Not really sure why, but it’s a bit eerie.

Do you guys have any obscure alternative bands to recommend? Any faves in common? Let me know, because I like hearing these!!