Anthology Highlight Reel, p.i

This post has been a long time coming. A while back, I wanted to do an old Top Ten Tuesday I never got around to: Anthology Authors That Made Me Want to Read Their Book. [Dubiously inspired by posts by Danielle @LifeofaLiteraryNerd and Destiny @HowlingLibraries.] But I realized I have way. too. many. stories to discuss.

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The Coffee Book Tag

I was recently tagged in the Coffee Book Tag by Romie @RomieWeDeserveLove!! As is usual for these tags, I’ll be attempting to use books I’ve read in the last few months to keep the answers fresh. Also, these graphics are so incredible, and I’m going to use them now??

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🍁🍁The FALL Book Tag🍁🍁

Literally last year, I was tagged in the the Fall book tag by Jami @JamiShelves. And I put it on my possible-tag list and then I was tagged by somebody else and I did that and I never mentioned that Jamieson tagged me. So Jamieson, if you’re reading this I’m so sorry, and I’m going to do it now. This tag was created by Bionic Book Worm, so go show them some love!

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Top Five Wednesday: Redemption Arcs

After just-plain antihero arcs, redemption arcs are my absolute favorite trope. This trope is controversial all over Goodreads, but let’s be real: I absolutely adore seeing characters who have been villainous, especially via long extended backstory, become redeemed. This post won’t be a fun list of antiheroes, though I’m sure I’ll get to write that post someday; this is a list of characters who I would genuinely consider the villains of their stories and have slowly become something new.

What’s so weird is though antihero arcs are fairly common, these are shockingly rare.

So you might have guessed that for this week’s top five Wednesday, we’re going through our favorite redemption arcs. Check here for topics.

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