The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi guys, it’s Elise, and I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by JR @EternityBooksReview! You should definitely check her blog out! Thank you so much JR for nominating me for this award! I will be giving several answers for some of these questions because I just like talking a lot. You’re welcome.

Anthology Highlight Reel, p.i

This post has been a long time coming. A while back, I wanted to do an old Top Ten Tuesday I never got around to: Anthology Authors That Made Me Want to Read Their Book. [Dubiously inspired by posts by Danielle @LifeofaLiteraryNerd and Destiny @HowlingLibraries.] But I realized I have way. too. many. stories to discuss.

The Coffee Book Tag

I was recently tagged in the Coffee Book Tag by Romie @RomieWeDeserveLove!! As is usual for these tags, I’ll be attempting to use books I’ve read in the last few months to keep the answers fresh. Also, these graphics are so incredible, and I’m going to use them now??