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I’m Elise (she/her, 18 year old college student near Philly) and I like to read books and be opinionated
✔DO message me with your unpopular opinions!!
✔DON’T be afraid of me i’ve only bitten like 3 people

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✔I wish I could take all your review requests but I often can’t; however, if I’ve added your book on Goodreads, you can message me on Twitter and I will definitely say yes
✔I rate mostly off enjoyment [I hated it, it was okay, I liked it, I loved it, I adored it]
✔if you’re looking for recommendations (and who isn’t) please focus on my reviews rather than my ratings!! me liking a book does not mean I Think Everyone Will Like The Book
✔for real, I am a generally kind person and would love the same courtesy. this is a book review blog, not a Reviews That Agree With You blog, so please don’t be an asshole!

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✔I repost all of my arc reviews, popular book reviews, & upcoming release reviews here; reviews are posted twice a week
✔other content on this blog includes: recommendation lists, tips on living life, reviews on movies and tv shows, random discourse
✔I write reviews for every book I read on my Goodreads account (I read a lot and can’t always review everything here without spamming. So check me out there!)

some things i’ve written that i’m really proud of:

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things about me in real life:
✔projected English major and Poli-Sci + History minor
✔in my spare time I do Shakespearean theater, an a capella group, some dance, a couple of literary magazines, and a whole lot of D&D
✔I’m very very passionate about my bullet journal
✔on every single day it is loving my friends hours
✔when I get stressed out I make niche playlists on my Spotify account. also here is my all time favorites playlist
✔sometimes i go on twitter at 2 am and ascribe the phrase ‘rat bastard’ to various historical figures. it means i’m studying i apologize in advance

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♔ things I like include: morally shitty characters forming healthy relationships, painful-yet-hopeful endings, She Did That moments, developed morally grey girls
♚ things I don’t like include: Hawt Terrible Manly Bad Boys. I know too many in real life
♔ basically I read for characters and don’t even pretend to give a shit about plot
♚ I only really care about Narrative Framing and Agency and will mention it a lot
♔ hatred for Evil Lady Characters? in my goodreads reviews? it’s far less likely than you think
y’all, watching me read another fucking weird book: please just five star it and save us all the trouble (suspenseful speculative fic is my niche genre)
♔ make it gayer -me shouting at every author over twitter at 2 am

the 2019 goals im failing at this moment:
✔(January) The Series I Want To Finish
✔(January) Goals For The Next Year

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♔ “#1 The Abyss Surrounds Us stan” -Amy
♚ “fake internet famous” -Prag
♔ “my bro chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause we are gay” -my irl friend Simon
♚ “adam parrish defense squad captain” -Chaima
♔ “lesbian goddess” -Jami
♚ “like inej ghafa. nice but with that subtle don’t fuck with me or you’ll regret it vibe” -Emma
♔ “i was like who is this radical tenderness person” -Marija
♚ “cutest queer girl in all of Goodreads” -Melanie (actual owner of this title)
♔ “intj slytherclaw otherkin demifaegirl” -some asshole

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