No matter how much I write reviews, I still don’t know how to write a non-cheesy introduction. So in absence of that: Hey! I’m Elise, I’m an intj and a slytherclaw (fight me J.K., I very much am both), and I’m ridiculously obsessed with Six of Crows. I post arc reviews, book chats, and top five lists on this blog; I write most of my reviews on my Goodreads account. I read around five books a week, meaning I can’t possibly review everything here without spamming. So check me out there!

I’m someone with a lot of reasons to care about diversity in books, so I talk about it A LOT. I want to clear something up: it is absolutely fine if you disagree with me about a problematic book, and I’m not telling you you’re problematic for reading / liking the book. In fact, if you disagree, please comment politely, because I’d love to have polite discussions! BUT: do not treat me like an uneducated child and do not talk about me behind my back. It’s rude, it’s petty, and it takes away your credibility anyway.

Favorite Genres: I like mostly YA fantasy and suspense.
What Makes A Good Book For Me
: morally ambiguous heroines, characters who slowly realize they are not terrible people (THIS IS MY FAVORITE TROPE I LOVE IT), tragic stories with hopeful endings, emotional catharsis via drags, heist plotlines with lots of twists, bantering couples!!, and wlw retellings (I love that this is a genre now).
Turn-Offs: abusive alpha male types. I can literally handle ANYTHING except for that. I think this video sums up my feelings on ya-type bad boys very well.

Book Opinions I’ll Fight You On: I really, really love Adam Parrish from the Raven Cycle. I’ll also defend Katsa from Graceling with my life. My favorite couple of all time, though, is Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows. I love every single character from this book so freaking much. I don’t even know how to pick a favorite.

Recommendations!! Feel free to check out the Five Star section of my goodreads account.