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I’m Elise and I’m an INTJ and a Slytherclaw and I like to read books and be opinionated
♔ I love my friends and being nice to fellow nice people and avoiding drama
♚ please just don’t be an asshole about my opinions it’s a review blog not a Reviews That Agree With You blog
♔ DO message me with your unpopular opinions!!
♚ DON’T be afraid of me I’ve only bitten like 3 people

Review Policy
I am not currently accepting review requests. However, if I’ve added your book on Goodreads, then you can feel free to message me on Goodreads or through Twitter and offer me a copy.

I post arc reviews, book chats, and recommendation lists on this blog; I write reviews for every book I read on my Goodreads account and just repost a lot of my best ones [especially popular books & upcoming releases] here. I read around five books a week, meaning I can’t possibly review everything here without spamming. So check me out there!

Please look for recommendations on my Recs tab, my sapphic books Goodreads list, and the the Five Star section of my Goodreads!! You can find my profile tab art here.

♔ basically I read for characters and don’t even pretend to give a shit about plot
♚ suspenseful speculative fic is my niche genre
♔ I love developed morally grey girls
♚ Adam Parrish and Inej Ghafa defense squad
♔ pet peeve: Hawt Abusive Manly Bad Boys
♚ I know too many in real life
♔ writing advice: make it gayer
♚ I love emotional catharsis, i.e. painful-yet-hopeful endings and characters getting verbally dragged
♔ the enemies to friends to lovers trope is God Tier and I love morally shitty characters forming healthy relationships

♔ “#1 The Abyss Surrounds Us stan” -Amy
♚ “fake internet famous” -Prag
♔ “lesbian icon” -Tasha
♚ “nice but with that subtle don’t fuck with me or you’ll regret it vibe that feels very Inej” –Emma
♔ “intj slytherclaw otherkin demifaegirl” -some asshole