Reasons to Read: The Kind Worth Killing


The Kind Worth Killing
Peter Swanson

Two strangers meet on a plane. The man, Ted, begins talking about his cheating wife, Miranda. The woman, Lily, says she deserves it, and offers her help. And they build a plan to kill his wife. Ted, though, might get a bit more than he bargained for when the ensuing plot goes off the rails.

The art of a linchpin twist is one few authors perfect. You have to build up a standing where the twist will be satisfying. But in order to make the twist surprising, you also have to ensure that readers will assume a plot point, or rather, not even think to question a point. The twist must also have consequences: for the rest of the book, a certain character, your understanding of the situation. For a twist to be shocking, it must be all three, surprising, somehow making perfect sense, and with clear repercussions.

These twists—several separate twists that change the entire direction of the novel—genuinely messed me up. I found myself desperately invested in trying to figure out the next one on my own. (I was rarely successful.) I was so desperate to figure these characters out, but whenever I thought I got it, I never did.

Trying to remember why, exactly, this book keeps sticking in my head, and coming up a little short of things to say beyond ‘oh my god oh my god oh my god’ so I guess I’ll end on this: I read the last 250 pages in approximately two hours and was thinking about it for a week afterward. Definitely one of my favorite thrillers now. Highly recommend.

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