An Announcement of Rebranding This Blog

Hi! Hello to the many wonderful followers of this blog (oh hey, thanks for 3k.)

I have been, as many of you may have noticed, on an unofficial hiatus for the last month, my first month of college. The good news is that I absolutely love college, I’ve literally never been this happy in my life. Here are some cool things that have happened this month:

  • I got the role of Guildenstern in my college’s Shakespeare group, which has been very positive and non cliquey!
  • I got into the a capella group I wanted to and received the first solo of the year!
  • The East coast having seasons is a wonderful and very positive change in my life. Especially considering my hometown just had school canceled for two days because of the smoke. Very glad to not be ill from smoke inhalation.
  • I have a very good group of friends and several other wonderful friends I’m close to!
  • I love my roommate with my entire heart
  • I might know what I’m doing over the summer!
  • I absolutely love my classes and have gotten very, very passionate about history, meaning I’m sort of considering double majoring slash majoring and then double minoring in a combination of history, polisci, and English (?)
  • I don’t suck at college level writing? I’m in two mostly-senior classes and I’m doing good?
  • I really like Latin 😊
  • I’m getting ahead on my requirements for school! Including taking a dance class for two of my three pe credits!
  • I have been taking care of my skin! And eating more than one meal a day! I don’t think I realized how badly my life was going until I got here and started actually taking care of myself.
  • I have also been writing in a diary daily, which is really nice
  • My music taste has expanded like, a fuckton. Here are a few really good albums I’ve been really obsessing over recently
  • I am in two D&D campaigns which are really fun!

The bad news: as I’m sure you can tell, I am busy as hell. And being both very busy and very happy has made me realize that I spend a lot of time on this blog… that I don’t really enjoy?

What I like most about running a blog is writing reviews and writing general literary analysis. The problem is, my blog schedule has meant that I need to churn out a lot of posts I enjoy writing far less, and often churn out literary criticism that doesn’t go as deep as I want it to.

I don’t want to do this! At least at the moment. So I’m changing my blog schedule: I will be posting two posts a week, and most of them, at least for the time being, will be reviews.

I got my first blog follows and my following on Goodreads via reviews! And I still find them very interesting to write. I think this will make blogging something that genuinely brings me joy again and that sounds wonderful.

(Also, hi again! I missed you all!)

10 thoughts on “An Announcement of Rebranding This Blog

  1. Elise!!! I miss you and your online presence so much, but it makes me so happy that you are having a great time at college 💜 Also, one hundred percent here for your rebranding, your reviews and literary analyses are EVERYTHING and I cannot wait to read them all! 💜


  2. College or any other big life changes always come with a change of pace in blogging as well. You should definitely only do what feels right to you and enjoy the classes and time with people doing activities you actually like doing. Have a great time!


  3. (hey so i keep forgetting you’re now, like, 20 mins away from me? if you ever want to meet up in the city…lmk)

    so proud of you that you’re thriving so much!!! amazing you deserve it!!! and yay for making a blog that reflects what you actually want to do


    1. OH MY GOD YES and yes i’m excite about this

      and we absolutely need to see each other at some point I honestly can’t believe we haven’t yet I have gone to Phillie basically once (very niche but are you around like… Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving? I have a train down to DC from 30th Street that day and I think I have a few hrs before that!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oooohhh…possibly?! the only thing is that i Do, technically speaking, work but mayhap i’ll have the day off who can say


  4. Welcome back, then! And also yay for all the good news! Seems like everything is going well and I wish for you it will keep being that way.

    It must be super nice to discover so many new and passionate things, or re-discover at least.

    And also D&D! I’m not exactly an expert but I always wanted to try and partecipate in one, but I never found a group of people disposed to do that.


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