May Posts #V // May Book Haul, Author Events, and Posts I Adored

So since I go to so many author events and never really talk about them, I’m going to start making my book hauls the area in which I discuss meeting authors and posts I’ve loved this month. So instead of book hauls only, these wrap-ups now function as yet another section of my monthly wrap-up posts! I think this will add a little more dimension to these posts, which I’ve tended to find kind of boring in the past [don’t kill me]. But without further ado: a weirdly large book haul.


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 9.06.52 AM

I met Sandhya Menon with my girlfriend, which was very cool! She is literally the funniest person alive. And kind of beautiful. But perhaps more meaningfully to me personally, I got the chance to meet Nina LaCour and Mark Oshiro.


Their conversation was… literally the best. They discussed the message of unrequited love while queer in We Are Okay [god bless] and also brutality in schools. I just adored this talk so much.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 2.35.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 9.07.29 AM

— Kindle Arcs —

— Physical Arcs —

Thanks to Macmillan and for several of these arcs!!

— Physical Books —

[check out my previous hauls here]

Are any of these on your TBR? Any you want me to prioritize? Any you hate? Any you want my opinion on? Let me know down in the comments! 


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22 thoughts on “May Posts #V // May Book Haul, Author Events, and Posts I Adored

  1. How come you won’t be reading Black Helicopters? I’ve never heard of the book, I was just curious. lol.
    And I like this layout! It def works!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks for the shout out!

    also OMG IS THAT A WICKED SAINTS ARC???? how??? I think that is my most anticipated read, like, ever, I am so beyond excited for that book!! can’t wait to see what you think of it!

    Liked by 1 person

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