College Touring, Mean Girls, Basic High School Prom Shit, and I Finally Did Well on That Goal Wrap-Up // April Faves

This new format of rambling about my life? Really working for me. Really, really, really working for me. Without further ado:

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.59.23 PM

I spent a bunch of my time over this month on Spring Break. During which… I toured colleges. So many colleges. Colleeeeeege. And, guess what, I still like Bryn Mawr best.

conspiracy theory: this school is the actual Hogwarts

I will say that I also adored several other schools I toured, especially Smith and Wellesley! Neither had my exact aesthetic to the same degree, but both were very nice and I’d be pleased to attend. Is it a bad decision to put this on my blog when colleges may / may not stalk my blog in the application process? Perhaps. Let’s just count on them not stalking this far back, shall we?

Some of you might know that I live on the West Coast, but I don’t seem to talk about applying anywhere except the East Coast. This is not an accident! I want to live on the East Coast, get some distance from my family, experience actual seasons, go to New York every month and crash Stagedoor like the basic bitch I am, and be near my grandma and my wonderful extended family.

And while there… I saw Mean Girls! The MUSICAL!

And listen, okay, I don’t even like this movie that much anymore [it was my childhood, but no], but I was obsessed with this musical. Why? Because I saw my fucking Broadway crush play my favorite role in this whole movie [Janis] live.

the celebrity crush we deserved

Barrett Wilbert Weed is a goddess of singing. The most interesting and sexy voice on BroadwayI love her.

That’s still a first date question that I ask people when I go on dates. I’m like, “Have you ever been or will you ever be a Republican?” And if the answer is yes or maybe, I’m like, “I can’t see you anymore.” Also, I always ask, “How was middle school for you?” Because I really feel like if you had an OK time in middle school that you’re a jerk. If you were able to just slide by, it meant that you either weren’t helping people or that you were the person who was beating up on everybody.


I also went to Prom. It was fun and gay.

I’ve decided this is our cutest picture ❤

It was also on a literal yacht, which was… wild. And of course my main thought was “my school is ridiculous.” Except when we arrived there were three other fucking high schools there, ready to have prom on a yacht.

What even is the Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.58.30 AM

Goal Wrap-Up

  1. Continue using Habitica’s weekly goal system.✅ [this was a gimme]
  2. Finish Season Four of Black Mirror.✅ [god finally]
  3. Watch three backlist movies.✅ [like six, but It Follows, The Disaster Artist, The Wolf of Wall Street.]
  4. Watch three of my most anticipated movies [like A Quiet Place, The Death of Stalin, Annihilation, Isle of Dogs].❌ [not even fucking close I didn’t watch a single one of these]
  5. Hang out with friends outside of school three times, and Kav doesn’t count for this.✅ [so much!! thankfully!!]

Next Month’s Goals

  1. Finish season one of Black Sails.
  2. Get a hangout with the Camp Squad to actually happen!
  3. Hang out with friends outside of school three times.
  4. Hang out with Kav three times! [gimme goals are valid]
  5. Get all my next-month blog posts scheduled on time for the end of the month, for once
  6. Watch three of my most anticipated movies [Annihilation, A Quiet Place, The Death of Stalin, Disobedience. AND NO NOT INFINITY WAR]
  7. Just… fucking get through AP week dear god I don’t know

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.57.58 AM

 —Favorite Music

Today was an overplaying month. So I basically overplayed Kelly Clarkson’s iconic classic All I Ever Wanted. Listen, the pure joy of listening to Don’t Let Me Stop You, If I Can’t Have You, Whyyawannabringmedown, Tip of my Tongue, and The Day We Fell Apart over and over again is true and real.

Um, that was basically it. Oops.

 —Favorite Movies

Movie To-Watch List
Letterboxd Film Diary

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.23.47 AM

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.23.31 AM







My month in movies was… actually amazing? I mean, I was sick for a bunch of it, hence the four-new-movies-in-three-days thing, but oh well. Also, like half of it was Black Mirror.


The Disaster Artist (2017) dir. James Franco | ★★★★☆

I honestly just thought this movie was really fucking hilarious. It’s a typical make-you-feel-happy-because-they-achieved-their-dreams movie except they actually failed. Basically the height of comedy. #iconic

it didn’t have to do That

It Follows (2014) dir. David Robert Mitchell | ★★★★

This movie was so… wild. Anyone who knows me will know I tend to be a bit horror-movie avoidant, as I literally despise jump scares [why would you do that to yourself. what the fuck]. BUT I also love psychological things. This movie is… both. If you’re looking for something slow-burn scary, deeply terrifying and unsettling in a subtle way, you really can’t go wrong with this. The opening scene reminds me a lot of Jordan Peele’s fantastic Get Out and similar horror movies, but trust me, this is not your typical horror. And it really did not have to end the way it did. I’m begging for an explanation because what the fuck.

 —Favorite TV Shows

don’t trust this show, ever

Okay, some of you might remember that earlier this month, I wrote a post listing all my thoughts on season four of Black Mirror. Some of you also might have noticed that I watched two old episodes of it this month! So the gist is I have finally caught up on every single episode, and I still love this show. I’ll just have to rewatch USS Callister and Black Museum on repeat until season five releases, I guess.

love these overdramatic bisexuals

I have also begun the very interesting and very gay Black Sails! I’m only about five episodes in, but I’m already enjoying it. The characters are so well-done and well-acted. And though I haven’t been totally engaged so far, I have a really good feeling about where it’s going.

Favorite Posts

This was such a long post. Did y’all stay with me? Probably not. It’s okay.

How were your months? Any movies on here you’ve seen? Any thoughts or favorites? Any tips for achieving goals? Let me know in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “College Touring, Mean Girls, Basic High School Prom Shit, and I Finally Did Well on That Goal Wrap-Up // April Faves

  1. omg prom on a yacht now that’s Something…………….. 😮
    i followed u on letterboxd & also im so excited for u to be watching black sails!! it’s what i think abt 24/7 actually so

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like I just read your March wrap up yesterday? So this is weird that April is done. But college touring is so fun! I’m from TX, but I ALWAYS knew I wanted to move to the east coast for school. I remember being so depressed after my high school trip to DC and coming back to TX. So I ended up in the Carolinas. Now, I’m getting ready for college senior year and trying to apply to Northeastern Grad schools. It’s just so exciting 🙂
    And I need to check out Black Sails! I don’t think I’ve really heard of it before?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I published my March wrap-up like halfway through April :’) I’m so glad I’m not alone with the East Coast college thing! My parents are still pushing a couple schools in LA [that way i stay closer to them, as well as isolated from relatives and more dependent on them]. I’ve basically just outright refused to tour.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. …a yacht. I don’t know if this is as weird as it sounds to me (this would never happen here – we have our version of prom, but almost no one cares about it and our school is boring anyway) but. prom on a yacht.
    Also I had never heard of Bryn Mawr before but I looked it up and now I agree with your conspiracy theory
    And thanks for linking my post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Prom on a yacht is kind of ridiculous wherever in my mind. although I guess in America people put a lot of emphasis on prom? most of our school dances are in the gym and then this is the only fancy one.

      and yes, Bryn Mawr is gay Hogwarts #confirmed

      Liked by 1 person

  4. wait, dude…….you’re interested in bryn mawr?

    (bryn mawr is like 25 minutes away from where i live when i’m not at school.) (omg.) (i’m doxxing myself but it’s an excitement thing.)

    YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN THAT PHOTO ahhhh yacht prom amazing

    a quiet place and isle of dogs were so! good! hope u like when u get to them. plus shoutout to disaster artist that movie rules

    anyway i love these posts of yours, i say, as if i don’t love every post of yours and also say it every comment

    Liked by 1 person


      aaaaaaah ❤ thank u yacht prom was very gay and good. I still need to see both of those movies but they both look so good oh my god!! and Disaster Audience was so Quality oh my god

      queen of doxxing yourself

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I. LOVE. BLACK. SAILS. Top five telly shows for sure. Max, Anne, Flint, (and Jack) have my heart. Herk, pretty much everyone on the show. It’s so fab!!

    You both look so lovely in your prom pic! Glad you had some good times on your college tour 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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