March Faves // New Movies, New Girlfriend [!!], and Goal Wrap-Up

Wow, January went by fast. Oh wait, is it March? Jesus.

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[This is my new segment. Great title, right?]

I, uh, um. I started dating someone I really like!!

they’re cute and we’re cute !!

Okay, so Kav and I had been friends for a really long time and met a couple of times in real life, but hadn’t really started talking a lot until the last couple of months. Annnnnnnnd we had our first date on March 18th seeing Love, Simon. I know, romance isn’t dead, right?

You can follow them on Twitter, Booktube, and Goodreads. [You are required by law to follow them.]


Not quite as exciting but still really exciting, I went to a concert of my LITERAL FAVORITE BAND: Lynn Gunn and PVRIS. She was SO EXCELLENT. High note porn. I WISH I COULD UPLOAD VIDEOS HERE BUT HERE YOU GO. And she also had this excellent opening act in the form of singer Flint Eastwood, whom I now am obsessed with. Check her out! And then please check out PVRIS.

Oh, I want to tell the story of me and my two Concert Friends being friends in the first place. I met one of my friends at a camp in Los Angeles two years ago, and miraculously, we lived near each other. And then I went to a show, two years later, and met this cool girl who I bonded with over Heathers. Um… they’re best friends. It’s a small fucking world, right? [Not quite as small as that time I found out my friend from camp was BFFs with someone I met at a Broadway stagedoor. Yes, this happened.]

I also… got cast in Oliver, my school’s musical, which was cool. I mostly spent this month being busy and super exhausted. Sandwiched right between two week-long breaks and wanting to cry, basically.

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Goal Wrap-Up

I wrote a crapton of goals for last month. Let’s see how I did.

  1. Watch three more episodes of tv. ✅ [way more!!]
  2. Watch three backlist movies. ❌ [uh… I rewatched The Lord of the Rings and Legally Blonde? does that count?]
  3. Watch three of my most anticipated movies of the month [Love Simon, Black Panther, Thoroughbreds, and a few others]. ✅ [I WATCHED ALL THREE OF THESE!! I THOUGHT THIS WOULDN’T FUCKING HAPPEN]
  4. Hang out with school friends outside of school three times. ✅ [actually yes!! i hung out twice with the same school friend, went to a concert with two other friends, and then I hung out with Kav like three times 💜]
  5. Use the school gym three times a week. ✅ [I only missed this the week I was sick.]
  6. Go to lunch three times a week. ❌ [i give up on this one]
  7. Go to three other club meetings. ✅

So, um, 5/7. Pretty decent. One is just not even working, apparently.


I will mention, however, that I’m being productive suddenly because of AN APP! This is called Habitica. It lets you pick a bunch of goals in a category and choose repeating due dates for them. This helps me because if you complete four of the five goals on your list, there’s a motivation to complete the fifth because otherwise you get no credit. Also, you get to keep your goals consistent. It is so perfect for me.


Next Month’s Goals

  1. Continue using Habitica’s weekly goal system.
  2. Watch three backlist movies. [It Follows and The Disaster Artist were already watched!]
  3. Watch three of my most anticipated movies [like A Quiet Place, The Death of Stalin, Annihilation, Isle of Dogs].
  4. Hang out with friends outside of school three times, and Kav doesn’t count for this. [this has occurred once already!]

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 —Favorite Music

I weirdly didn’t listen to much music last month. I didn’t even create a playlist [and I create so many playlists.] I rediscovered the pure joy of listening to old Voice covers. Here are my very-few favorites of the month for your benefit:

  1. Hell on Heels — The Voice, RaeLynn [this is so sexy]
  2. She’s Country — The Voice, RaeLynn [I somehow had a clear memory of this song only from seeing this performance on live tv six fucking years ago?]
  3. House of the Rising Sun — The Voice, Kimberly Nichole [she SHOULD have won her season and this is my proof]
  4. Pink Lemonade — James Bay [and this because he was on SNL]
  5. Surrender — Walk the Moon [the Love Simon soundtrack, of course]
  6. Delicate — Taylor Swift [um. I never did listen to the album when it came out. so I just discovered this song and I like it.]
  7. Enchanted — Taylor Swift [I SLEPT ON THIS FOR SO LONG]
  8. Kids in the Dark — All Time Low [this is the first time I’ve been highkey obsessed with this song, oddly?]

 —Favorite Movies

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.53.23 PM

Movie To-Watch List
Letterboxd Film Diary

My month in movies was… actually amazing? Who am I. I watched three movies, two Netflix specials, and then did three rewatches. [I was sick, leave me ALONE.]



Black Panther (2018) dir. Ryan Coogler | ★★★★½

Don’t kill me, but I’m really not that into superhero films. However, it is a newly known fact that this is THE most well-acted superhero movie ever made. I love the production design and the THEMES? The themes are everything to me. This is a near-perfect movie and I don’t care.


Love, Simon (2018) dir. Greg Berlanti | ★★★★½

I’m morally obligated to love this movie but I think I’d love it anyway. I’ll have a review coming out for this one, so you can look out for it. There are a few missteps [in my humble picky lesbian opinion] [why didn’t they have more fucking emails oh my god] but overall humor quality can make you overlook a lot. Or, it can make me overlook a lot. Anyway.


Thoroughbreds (2018) dir. Corey Finley | ★★★

I have no fucking clue what happened in this movie but the cinematography was lovely? Um. Yeah. I don’t do movie reviews. Also, I’m pretty this doesn’t fit in any coherent category of quantifiable things. Yeah. Anyway. This is funny in places [it’s a dark comedy]. The humor would probably hold up more upon rewatch [I mean, that was my experience with Heathers, so?] Oh, by the way, the Heathers comparison is warranted. It’s like Heathers except with female friendship. Or Heathers except sapphic. I can’t really tell. The characters are terrible and interesting. It is really fucked up. There’s a scene towards the end that is the most fucked up one-take scene in all of cinema. I can’t review this. Send help.


John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid | ★★★★★

John Mulaney is the funniest man in the entire world. He also will have hosted SNL the day before this goes up, so you will know of him being the funniest man in the entire world. Watch his comedy specials because they’re free on Netflix and they made me cry from laughing so hard.

sound life advice John

 —Favorite TV Shows


I started watching Queer Eye this month!! This is a show about a bunch of queer guys making over other guys. [Unlike the original, not all the targets are straight.] Please believe the hype. The whole thing about this show is that they make over outer appearances, but then in the end, they mostly just teach the people they’re working with to care for themselves. Male culture in America, and especially heterosexual male culture, doesn’t put a lot of value on genuine self-care, and it’s so refreshing to see that be encouraged. I’ve only watched five episodes, but my favorite two were the first [YOU CAN’T FIX UGLY DUDE IS SO ADORABLE I LOVE HIM] and the one with the guy who came out to his stepmom [I SUPPORT HIM].

Favorite Posts

This was such a long post. Did y’all stay with me? Probably not. It’s okay.

How were your months? Any movies on here you’d already seen?

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29 thoughts on “March Faves // New Movies, New Girlfriend [!!], and Goal Wrap-Up

  1. Oh my god Elise!! Thank you!!! I woke up this morning and my dog had EATEN MY KINDLE and I’ve been on the verge of tears since then (it was new, and a gift from my boyfriend, and my fault) and I really needed that ♥ Lovely post as always ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Congrats!!! You and Kav are SO CUTE! And I def need to check out Queer Eye. I just finished Troy: Fall of a City, so now time to binge something else.
    Also, maybe I need to check out Habitica??? We’ll see 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh you and Kav are adorable, I’m so happy for you – and seeing Love, Simon together?! GOALS. I can’t wait to finally watch the movie as well, so glad you enjoyed it so much, even if it missed some emails -I loved the emails, whyyy.
    I hope you’re having a fantastic April so far, and thank you so, so much for sharing my post! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Best title, best goals, best wrap up. And thank you so much for bringing Kav’s friendship into my life. YOU ALL ARE THE CUTEST, but this you know because 1.) facts & 2.) I tell you at least once a day! ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved this wrap-up post! And thank you for the shout out (so much GOOD REAL conversation on that post!)

    But also I am OBSESSED with Habitica! I started using it this month too and it’s been so much more helpful productivity wise than other to-do apps I’ve used. (It’s also been super great for my mental health because bad days I just plug in a heap of basic personal need stuff and still feel accomplished when I tick them off)


  6. Congrats on the dating news! That’s great 🙂 and you went to a concert too… Sounds like an AMAZING month.

    By the way! We have a book blogger party at Habitica. Do you want to perhaps join our party 😀 the girls are thinking of doing a guild if/when we get enough members. I just joined last week, so I have like NO idea how it all works still 😀 but… Maybe you want to join? 🙂 I think if you find your profile ID, I can give it to the friend who’s on top of all that and she can send you an invite 🙂

    And thank you SO much for liking and sharing my post 🙂 ❤ I am only going through my comments and pingbacks now, so I only just found out – sorry it took me a while to visit back 🙂

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