Shoutout Sunday #7 — Audiobooks, TBRs, and Diversity Out of Canon

It’s Sunday again and you know what that means? Time to shout out a few great discussions and posts of tips!! And to shamelessly beg for someone to steal this meme so these posts can shout out more than like, twenty people.

[I have some good news though! I discovered a similar meme to Shoutout Sunday called The Sunday Post. Maybe worth checking out.]

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I loved this post by @DrizzleandHurricaneBooks on why TBRs sometimes don’t work. I totally relate to this. I’ve been doing TBRs the last couple months and while I enjoy making them, I’ve had somewhat mixed results, as sometimes I just won’t be in the mood for what’s on my TBR. Aside from January, when I cleared literally almost everything on my TBR, I’ve only gotten 50% or so most months.

There’s this post on how to appreciate bloggers by May @ForeverandEverly! May is one of my favorite people on this website, and I’m so thankful to her for this one. I WANT TO BE VALIDATED IN EXACTLY THIS WAY.

My favorite post ever was this list of tips by Jamieson @JamiShelves about how to listen to audiobooks. I started to get into audiobooks earlier this year and Jamieson’s post mentions a lot of things I’ve considered in my audiobook experiences! Trying the Libby app and starting with super short audiobooks remain my two most important audiobook tips. [My favorite audiobook of all time remains The Diviners which she is also audiobooking currently!!]

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There’s this post by Marija @InsideMyLibraryMind about diversity outside canon. I LOVE this post. It brings up so many insidious narratives about diversity outside canon that get pushed on social media and I just generally love it.

Aaaaaand two reviews! Okay, first off, a review by @AllieMBooks of her personal feelings on fat rep in The Upside of Unrequited. And an amazing review by Fadwa @WordWoonders of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. You know, that one book I haven’t reviewed because I have yet to recover from it!! Lmao.

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A list of tips by @PaperFury about bad bookworm habits we should bury. This is worth reading!! I especially like everything she said about critiquing ownvoices authors for how they talk about their own experiences, because MOOD.

ANOTHER post from Fadwa @WordWoonders about heritage and racism is one of the most powerful and personal posts I have read this month. I really love Fadwa and you should all be following her.

There’s this post by Marija @InsideMyLibraryMind about differing standards for different genres. The thing about this post that really stuck out to me was the discussion of how we rate books on experience, because that is so relatable and lovely.

And finally there’s this post by Silvia @SilviaReadsBooks introducing a new series on her blog. in which queer people talk about books that meant a lot to them or helped them discover their sexuality. This first post is by Melanie @MeltotheAny who is one of my favorite people on this whole website!

Thank you guys so much for reading, and hope to see you again on the next iteration of this post! 💛

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22 thoughts on “Shoutout Sunday #7 — Audiobooks, TBRs, and Diversity Out of Canon

  1. I really need to steal that meme!! I keep forgetting to do it (you’d think that I would have learned to write it down at this point, but of course not). Thank you for pointing to such great posts!

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  2. You know who’s gonna steal this meme? ME. That’ll also help with my favorites of the month post so I won’t have to shoutout like 30 posts in one go. And OBVIOUSLY thank you for linking to my post, I always feel super validated when you do, glad you like them 😅💕

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  3. Omg all of these posts sound amazing! Thank you for putting such a great list together, I‘m pretty sure I‘ll discover a lot of wonderful new blogs 😍

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  4. Oooh! I love this meme! I just found 2 awesome new blogs to follow I didn’t know about before 🙂 Thanks for an awesome post, what a sweet way to spread some love in the community.

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  5. Oh thank you so, so much for featuring my blog post along with so many other amazing bloggers, such an honor to be here ❤ And so happy you enjoyed it so much, thank you! ❤ ❤

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