February Faves // The Olympics, Black Mirror, and Goal Wrap-Up

Wow, January went by… fast.

 —Favorite Music—

I didn’t listen to much music at the beginning of this month due to audiobooks! But then I was in a super fucking weird mood towards the end of this month and ended up listening mostly to that one niche genre of country music that’s mostly about dragging shitty men.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 4.58.02 PM
[this playlist is back and better than ever.]
Here’s the list of music I obsessed over the most in February [and I’m not joking when I say it’s short]:

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 4.58.09 PM

Listen, I SAID I was in a weird mood.


To be fair to me, there was also a bunch of Florence and the Machine. What the Water Gave Me, No Light No Light, Seven Devils, and Leave My Body are all completely iconic.

 —Favorite Movies—

Movie To-Watch List
Film Diary

My month in movies was not the greatest ever? I was hoping to see a bunch of Oscar movies, but my movie list was actually sort of pathetic. I saw and loved Coco, which was my favorite, and I saw and really enjoyed The Shape of Water, and I saw and loved Get Out. Soooooooooo I guess this went fine?


Coco (2017) dir. Lee Unkrich | ★★★★½

This movie was so BEAUTIFUL. That final scene with Coco makes me sob every day of my life I cannot believe. The animation is the best of Pixar thus far. I will say that the sort-of-twist is really obvious, but this movie is so deeply heartfelt and gorgeous that I just cannot complain.

Kształt wody

Shape of Water (2017) dir. Guillermo Del Toro | ★★★★½

This totally earned the Oscar. A lot of people have been calling this movie the fish fucking movie, and okay, yeah that happens. But Shape of Water is something a lot deeper: a metaphor for the oppression of people of color, deaf people, queer people, and anyone different in American society. Gorgeous aesthetic and stunning acting from Sally Fields and Octavia Spencer. Special highlights include the fuck you scene. I will say that the first half of this was a masterpiece and the second half was sort of… just good? But on the whole, so great.


Get Out (2017) dir. Jordan Peele | ★★★★☆

This was so different and so fantastic. Creepy atmosphere, weird moments, awful yet relevant social commentary. Daniel Kuuluya deserves an Oscar for this movie [and for that one Black Mirror episode that he basically held up with his acting alone]. Special highlights are Betty Gabriel as Georgina and Lakeith Stanfield as Logan. Mostly, this movie was just really fucking scary and I think… maybe too scary for me? I mean, watching the alternate ending especially, this is just the most fucked up movie ever and I appreciate it but… I also did not enjoy it. I don’t understand how this was ever marketed as a comedy horror flick to me, because Jordan Peele did not come to play. Definitely recommended, but please be in the right mood, because this is a seriously scary horror flick.

 —Favorite TV Shows—

The Olympics. Obviously.


I also finished rewatching Big Little Lies for what is actually the third time with my mother. T H A T  F I N A L E. I also watched a bunch of Black Mirror: season four, which I plan to review as soon as I complete the show. I also watched three episodes of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, which was a ton of fun!

 —Goal Wrap-Up—

I wrote a crapton of goals for last month. Let’s see how I did.

  1. Watch at least three of my anticipated movies in the theaters! ❌ I only saw one of the four on this list [Shape of Water].
  2. Watch a few episodes — let’s say three — of Black Mirror or Black Sails or Crazy Ex Girlfriend. ✅  I watched three episodes of Black Mirror AND three episodes of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, so a definite yes.
  3. Continue to focus on growing the club I run, our school’s sort-of-QSA. ✅ This was a bad goal because it’s incredibly imprecise, but I’ll mark it as a yes because I did put more focus on this. We started a group chat and even got two posters up!
  4. Go to at least three other club meetings. ❌ I tried to go to one of my favorite clubs twice… and it was cancelled both times.
  5. Hang out outside of school with friends at least three times. ❌ I only did this once, despite trying approximately four other times.
  6. Us the school gym at least three times a week. ✅ There was only one week I didn’t do this all three times, and that week I still biked a total of eight miles? So I think we’re okay.
  7. Go to lunch at least three times a week. ✅  I somehow did this every single week! I thought this one was such a stretch goal and yet I did it.

—New Goals—

  1. Watch three more episodes of tv.
  2. Watch three backlist movies.
  3. Watch three of my most anticipated movies of the month [Love Simon, Black Panther, Thoroughbreds, and a few others].
  4. Hang out with people outside of school three times.
  5. Use the school gym three times a week.
  6. Go to lunch three times a week.
  7. Go to three other club meetings.

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