2018 Goals, Part 2 and #BeattheBacklist

Let’s talk 2018 reading goals.

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? My goal for the year is to have basically no books on my owned TBR by August. By “basically none” I mean I am allowing myself no more than I could theoretically read in a single month – i.e. somewhere around 25. My current physical list – which has reduced by a couple since last count – is exactly 55 at my mother’s house, around 15 at my dad’s, and another 15 or so on my kindle. Can I reduce that to 25 by July? You bet. Or I’ll try, at least.


This post is also doubling — okay, maybe tripling, because there are even more goals as we go down — as a challenge post for I’m taking on during 2018!

First of all, this post is doubling as my signup for the Discussion Challenge! You guys obviously know that I post a TON of discussions. So I’m going to set a goal for the year to write twenty discussion posts. Which I don’t actually think will be that hard! If you know me, you know that I write a lot of book chats and discussions and they tend to be my favorite posts to write. So this challenge should be so much fun.

Aaaaaaaaand second of all, there’s my goal post for the 2018 #BeattheBacklist challenge on twitter. Beat the Backlist is a challenge based around reading pre-2018 books and posting reviews of them. Which sounds amazing. And while I don’t have an official TBR, I’m hoping to read 75 backlist books at least this year. I read over half 2017 releases this year — I read 140 releases in total, only a few in 2016 and most a part of the 250 total books I read last year. So this challenge should be awesome.


SO. Big thing I have been doing for the first time this year: using the Libby app to borrow audiobooks from my library. Guess who found fifteen different audiobooks of books I already own that are now on hold? That’s right: it’s me. Guess who is having so much fun? That’s right, me.

I will also be reading two or three new classics on my own by May! This is somewhat for my AP Literature final and I’m hoping will pay off.

And perhaps last of all, I will be reading as many 2018 releases as possible. Last year, my interesting-2017 list got totally away from me in the latter half of the year, and I ended up reading plenty of books I didn’t like much care for simply because I owned arcs of them. This year? I am going to keep up with my 2018 releases as much as possible via the library. Backlist books I don’t own will be a second priority. I want to stay current because it’s what I like doing.

20 thoughts on “2018 Goals, Part 2 and #BeattheBacklist

  1. I really should do the “Beat the Backlist” challenge too tbh, so many books I own and that get forgotten because of new releases, ugh. Is there an official way to join or can we take part whenever?

    Also I love your discussion posts, so glad you’re gonna write more of them ♥

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  2. These are amazing goals! I love reading discussion posts, so I’ll be looking forward to reading all of yours. I ‘m also doing the discussion challenge this year, as well as the Beat The Backlist one. We shine a light on new releases a whole lot, but there are amazing backlist titles deserving the love as well 🙂
    Best of luck for all of these! 🙂

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