ShoutoutSunday #3 — #Discourse and All My Friends Make Great Posts

I have decided I love writing friend shoutouts. SO. HERE IS ANOTHER ONE.

#Discourse and My Friends as usual Are Awesome

First of all, an important discussion that you have probably missed. I made a post. A while ago. A long while ago. About nuance and mixed representation. And then my friends whom I love and would defend with my life made some posts about this: Bad Rep or No Rep? by Theo @ReadingandRambling and Good Rep: Better None or Wrong? by May @ForeverandEverly.
And… I think everyone has different perspectives!! First of all!! This is a super personal issue to people. But, honestly, a brief thought? I think if an author’s work is made worse by “forcing diversity” they’re probably just not that good a writer.
And I’d personally kind of prefer if certain authors yes I am aware both posts mention Sarah J Maas made the effort because to be honest, you have to fuck it up pretty badly for me to say “I wish this wasn’t diverse.
I’ve felt both misrepresented and not represented and you know what? Terrible rep was all I had as a kid and it was worth it, to me. I’d rather be offended than not there at all.

#Ownvoices Rep, ‘Murica, and Ur Fav is Problematic

Okay, okay, some more posts I wanted to shout out!! First of all, one I’ve actually already shouted out: AmeriCentrism and Literature Not Existing in a Vacuum by Silvia @SilviaReadsBooks. Goodreads is undoubtedly super Ameri-Centric and often ignores international issues or the nuance of understanding offered by people out of the U.S. And in related news, by the same amazing person: Goodreads and Netgalley Are Hurting Diversity in the Book Community.

And another one I’ve already shouted out yet! Don’t Demand Authors Come Out by Lacy @LacyLiterary. I really don’t even need to talk about this because Lacy says it best: in this push to label books with queer representation as #ownvoices, we’ve aliened closeted authors. I almost feel like we’ve begun to demonize people who are closeted or who just don’t talk about it a lot, and it’s messy.

And last but definitely not least: Why the Word Problematic is Super Unhelpful by @PaceAmoreLibri. I could not agree with this more. I love antiheroes and morally black characters and I hate how people sub in the word because they’re afraid of saying racist. or homophobic. or just “an asshole”. This term feels so incredibly fake-woke nowadays and I love that we’re talking about it.

Some Wrapped-Up Reading Advice and Blogging Things

Only one I want to specifically talk about here: Rereading Guilt by Mandy @BookPrincessReviews. I swear this is the realest thing!! I always feel guilty about rereading and NO MORE. I DON’T DESERVE THAT.

Conclusion: All my friends are great and deserve the world.

That’s basically the conclusion of this post, isn’t it? okay, no, real conclusion: Monday is tomorrow, so I’m hoping you’ve all had good weekends. Sort of.

14 thoughts on “ShoutoutSunday #3 — #Discourse and All My Friends Make Great Posts

  1. I love these posts of yours (and not because you always give me a shoutout (THANK YOU for that, you’re wonderful)). And I find your attitude on representation really interesting. I always thought that no rep would be better than bad rep, but I totally get your perspective! Anyways, lots of wonderful posts here, loved it!

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  2. Thanks for all the links 🙂 This always make me reflect, both as a reader, a writer and someone that wants so be an author too. Sometimes I feel, especially when writing, not enough “good” at writing my own ownvoices rep. And not because I don’t know what I’m writing but I always think: am I offending someone? My rep can be understood by more people or only me? There’s something problematic in it?

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    1. oh god, that used to be me too. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve realized even ownvoices rep can be offensive to someone somewhere, and it doesn’t necessarily make the book bad — it just means we need more ownvoices in general so everyone can have their experiences written.

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      1. I suppose it’s some kind of writing stages someone can pass trought 😂 It happens with other non ownvoices character I write about, bu I try my best. I’m slowly getting out of it. Sure, reading about this posts and entering in contact with the international readers was a good and great experience.
        The question of good and bad rep isn’t really I think in my country. Italian written novels really don’t know what diversity is, especially in young adults books

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