#SapphicAThon: my favorite queer lady books!!

It is a good day. It is a very, very good day. Why?

Because I… AM… HOSTING… A… READATHON!! And thankfully, it’s about something I am super super passionate about: women loving women. Sapphic girls. The Gays. It’s a good day!!

#SapphicAThon will be taking place from Dec 14 to Dec 28. Check us out on twitter HERE. That twitter account has all the information and challenges, plus chats throughout that week, so make sure to follow us. I’m cohosting this readathon with some of my best friends on here: Jamieson @JamiShelves, Tasha @CatsAndPaperbacks, Amelie @AKinderGalaxy, and Miriam @ToitNups.

We’re focusing on reading books that specifically have a major romance between two girls. Side characters do not count. Queer girl main characters but m/f romance does not count. Queer girl main characters but no romance does not count. Those are all important, but this readathon wants to focus specifically on romance between girls.

So, let’s get into the sapphic recs, shall we? I have a lot to recommend here, all books I’ve both read and enjoyed. Some are repeats if they fit across multiple genres. As always, reviews are linked for every single one so you can get more information. 🎄 will be used to indicate my absolute favorite books, but I’d highly recommend all of these. And feel free to ask questions on the post about any recommendations.

Speculative SFF

Mystery / Suspense

High Fantasy

Urban Fantasy / SFF

Graphic Novels

SFF Short Fiction and Anthologies Containing Queer Ladies


Historical Fiction

That’s it, guys! Feel free to keep up on more via my F/F Romance Recs shelf.

20 thoughts on “#SapphicAThon: my favorite queer lady books!!

  1. Great recommendations! I’d personally recommend The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis (contemporary, NA, nsfw), Not Your Sidekick (sff, YA), Labyrinth Lost (sff, YA) Sappho’s Fables Volume One by Elora Bishop & Jennifer Diemer (sff anthology, YA), The Princess Affair by Nell Stark (contemporary, NA, nsfw), The Diplomat by Sophia French (fantasy, adult, nsfw), and Now You See Me by S.Y. Thompson (mystery, adult, nsfw).

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