Low-Rated Books I Adore

Hey guys! Today’s post was brought to you by Lala @BooksandLala, who recently did this video. When I looked through my Goodreads ratings, I discovered that I have exactly 15 books rated a three or above on goodreads that have an average rating of 3.5 or lower. So NOW IT’S TIME TO DEFEND MYSELF. Let’s get started.

15.  Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse – ★★★★★

And we’re starting off with a bang, aka a super super weird book! This book is such a trip, but it blew my mind on such an exceptional level. And GUYS. I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN. And will I ever forget that pitch-perfect ending? No. No, I will not.

14. Suicide Notes for Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten – ★★★★

Oh look, it’s the fucked up female friendships aesthetic. My favorite. And one that will recur a lot as the ratings descend (and descend, and descend…) Despite a couple of weird twists, I found this book super compelling, with two complex leads and a creepy tone.

13. You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott – ★★★★★

People hate girl antiheroes. People also dislike Megan Abbott’s writing style, for some reason. Result: people hate this. Whatever. It’s one of my favorite books. Screw goodreads ratings.

12. Jane Unlimited by Kristin Cashore – ★★★★★

I have such a strong penchant for weirdass books. This book is basically a masterpiece of creative storytelling and it is so gorgeous.

11. Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell – ★★★.5

Despite a forced romance and some easy plot points, I found this book super compelling, with some interesting thematics and a complex lead. Yes, there are plot holes. And yet I found myself so pulled along I barely noticed.

10. The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow – ★★★★★

Ah, yes, the book everyone hates because it’s slow and ignores because it’s subversive. Anyway, I love my bi dystopia.

9. Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart – ★★★★★

This book has low ratings, apparently, and I genuinely do not get it. Yes, this book is predictable. BUT IT’S SO COMPELLING AND THE LEADS ARE SO COMPLEX AND. WHY IS IT SO LOW.

Also, let’s be real: the low rating probably has a lot to do with the fact that Genuine Fraud is nothing like We Were Liars and people got disappointed.

Oh, and would you look at that. It’s the fucked up female friendships aesthetic.

8. This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnis – ★★★★

Oh yes, this book. Which I totally knew would be here. You want to talk female antiheroes everyone hates but I love? Look no further.

7. Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke – ★★★

For some reason, this is the only three star book among the fifteen. Granted, I give out threes quite rarely, but I’m interested in that? This book would definitely fall into my penchant for weird books, though. Weird writing style, weird characters, just… weird.

6. That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston – ★★★★

THE FIRST 35% IS BORING. I KNOW. I THOUGHT IT WAS BORING TOO. But the rest? SO MUCH BETTER. The worldbuilding and writing are so interesting.

5. Mirror in the Sky by Aditi Khorana – ★★★★

Ah, yes. That one book I genuinely almost permanently DNFed and ended up adoring so much. The reason I occasionally reconsider my DNFs now. The first half is boring as all shit, but the second half of this book is next-level brilliant. Definitely stick with it.

4. Don’t You Trust Me by Patrice Kindl – ★★★.5

Ahhhhhhh, yes. The infamous weirdass antihero book. Don’t really have much to say about this, but it’s super twisted and not good enough to get a ton of five-stars.

3. Lucky Girl by Amanda Maciel – ★★★★

Two things here: one, Amanda Maciel tends to write incredibly unlikeable characters.  And two, this book is all over the place. But it’s all over the place on purpose. This is a slow-burn character development story and it fucking rocks.

2. Dare Me by Megan Abbott – ★★★★.5

The ORIGINAL “fucked up female friendships aesthetic”. Dare Me is a weird and definitely polarizing book, but it’s worth reading for the aesthetic and the strength of the characters if this sounds like your thing.

1. Little Wrecks by Meredith Miller – ★★★.5

I’m sort of surprised this is my lowest-rated book of all. This one is a very slow-burning, oddly written, messed-up-friendships read. THE FOURTH ONE. I guess people just really hate my favorite aesthetic?

Hope you guys enjoyed this random and weird post! CONCLUSIONS: I love all the ladies and lady friendships you hate. As my bio states.

14 thoughts on “Low-Rated Books I Adore

  1. Ohh interesting idea. Polarizing books bring unpopular opinions, and who doesn’t like those.
    I have read only three books on your list, and none of them was a “fucked up female friendship” one, but can I tell that there would be some like that on my list too. For some reason, that kind of book is really hated…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. But twisted books are the best! At least you won’t forget them.
        And I’m here for every YA book with girl mcs that doesn’t focus on a m/f romance.

        I loved A Line in the Dark because it’s that kind of book, but this time the characters are actually queer and it’s ownvoices? Like, unhealthy friendship + unrequited crush + side f/f (still unhealthy) relationship… I didn’t even care that the ending felt rushed.

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  2. I also loved This Darkness Mine! It’s definitely not a book for everyone but I usually tend to enjoy weird books, and the writing was fabulous💕.

    I didn’t love Genuine Fraud but I have to say I liked it more than We Were Liars (not only the story was a bit more complex but the characters and the writing were more of my liking).

    I have to check out some of the books you’ve mentioned, because I haven’t heard much about them and I’m intrigued😁.

    Liked by 1 person

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