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What I Want Out of Television

This is a totally random post sparked by my dissatisfaction with a lot of tv shows I’ve been watching in the past few years. There’s SO MUCH I want out of tv, and I’ve really been having some trouble with it.

So first of all, I have a list of my favorite tv shows ever here.

  1. Them morally complex characters. I don’t really care for completely likable heroines. And honestly, who does? Give me moral conflicts and well-developed characters. Some of my faves for this, almost of all of which have gone downhill, were Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and The 100.
  2. Slow-burn romance, and the tv show ends when they get together. We have all seen those shows where they get together and immediately it sucks. Brooklyn Nine Nine is literally the only counterexample I can think of. So it’s time for more shows where the main characters get together only in the last season, despite being set up since the beginning. Please.
  3. Relating to that: give me the happy gays. I just want some live lesbians on tv. Just a few. Please.
  4. More serials that make me happy!! I’ve been having some trouble with a lot of my shows I’ve watched recently, and I think I’ve decided that with a few exceptions for super long developing plot series, I prefer strong serials with internal character arcs to overarching series plot type-shows. I actually got this from an interesting video dissecting Sherlock!! A lot of my favorite heartwarming shows focus entirely on internal arcs. For example, Firefly does this very well. I think a lot of shows start out doing this and then give way to less serial plots as they continue. Shows like Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, and Revenge were much more my favorites during their one-off eras.

Anyway, thanks for reading this odd discussion post. Have a great day, y’all!!


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