New Release: Lucky in Love by Kasie West

Lucky in Love by Kasie West – 3 stars – releases July 15 2017

This is nothing particularly special, but it’s just the easy-to-read contemporary story I needed at this point in my month.

First things first: wow, this needed editing. A lot of the sentences are pretty awkward. This might be an unpopular opinion or something editors do, but can ya authors use contractions? When you don’t use contractions, your dialog doesn’t sound more sophisticated. It just sounds fake and ridiculous. Hear me out. If someone came up to me in casual conversation and said “I am going to the park,” I would think they were a pretentious asshole. Or possibly high. If you say “I’m going to the park” I wouldn’t think anything beyond “oh, you’re going to the park.” Do you see what I’m saying? It’s fake and it’s stupid.

Anyway, beyond the writing, it’s fine. The characters aren’t terrible, the romance is sweet, there are well-written family dynamics and all that. There’s a significant lack of girl hate and slutshaming!! I have to admit that I was kind of expecting girl hate?? But no. There’s actually a rich girl who becomes a true friend to Maddie. Also, there are a couple of good comments made by Maddie’s love interest, the adorable Seth, about racism. I liked that!! It was a minor thing but I really liked it. And there’s a popular reviewer on this page who I finally unfollowed because she made a lowkey racist comment in her review about this, so… yay, I guess?

Two things bothered me here. First of all, it’s cliche. Obviously. But I really feel like this was cliche in a bad way. When I think of a good cliche story, I think of bed sharing and fake dating. Those are cliches, but they’re fun cliches. This story is just… so cliche that everyone felt like a plot device.

The other issue is Maddie’s whole character-regression thing. I know this is a story meant to be about ambition and how wealth can corrupt you. I get that. I just don’t really like how the whole plot was done. I get that she’s rich now, but if you saved money your whole life, I feel like you’d think about it a little more. Fine, people are different. All I can say is Maddie’s throwing-around-money started pissing me off quickly. Kasie West wrote it in a fairly realistic and sympathetic way, but I felt like the person yelling at the horror movie characters to not be idiots. Fancy dinner is one thing, but it was so obvious the car and the yacht was all going to go wrong.

But I can’t even really complain about this, because this book was so clearly not for me to analyze!! It’s not meant to be serious or high-quality. It’s a fun YA contemporary story. She churns out three per year. Hopeless romantics will enjoy it maybe more than me. If you’ve liked Kasie West before, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this too.


2 thoughts on “New Release: Lucky in Love by Kasie West”

  1. I get what you’re saying about the awkward contractions. When it comes up in contemporary, I feel like it blocks the “flow” of the dialogue– not all the time, ofc, but occasionally– and it makes me cringe. Seriously, NO HIGH SCHOOLER talks casually without contractions anymore, unless it comes to adding emphasis. Or unless they’re writing an English paper.

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