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I was tagged for this by lifeofaliterarynerd. And it looks so interesting that I have to do this.


I talk about the Holy Overrated Fantasy Trinity down below in popular authors, so for now let’s go with a less-popular choice. A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Maas is a terrible book!! That sends out a terrible message for little kids!! And really changed me as a person in a bad way!!




I’ll literally fight everyone about Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge. (How dare y’all hate on this gem!!) This book is a little confusing, but… I guess in a good way??





I also really loved Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan. Yes, the romance is idiotic and nonsensical. This is also one of the most atmospheric books I’ve ever read. Also, please just look at the cover. It’s… perfect for this book. And stunning. This gave me vibes of Revenge the tv series.




I’m going with two here, because the thing that always comes to mind is from a tv show and it’s a SUPREMELY unpopular opinion.

First of all, to talk books!! I absolutely fucking hate Evan and Cassie from the Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey. Just hate them. They ruined the final book for me to the point where I DNFed it. I hate them.

And then to talk tv shows.


Emma, the main character of Once Upon A Time was once a fabulous badass. She is now a prop for her love interest, and I’m afraid this has totally colored my feelings of this relationship. I hate the fact that she’s turned into a prop for her own character, and I hate that all her storylines are turned around to focus on him. I actually finally dropped this show after the show did this yet again with the season five finale. A storlyline meant to be about Emma’s character exploration was suddenly plot-twisted to be all about how much they’d sacrifice for each other. That’s not cute when she never gets any storylines of her own. He wasn’t even around in season one. It’s not his show.


Nowadays, contemporary!! I really have begun to get upset with this genre. Today’s contemporaries often come off to me as either fluffy romances without much substance or really depressing books about how terrible mental illness / abuse / whatever issue is. You know exactly what books I mean with BOTH those categories. There’s the Kasie West / Stephanie Perkins type, which can be entertaining for a while but never stick in my mind. And there’s the John Green / Jennifer Niven-esque type, which is a genre I sometimes enjoy but get annoyed with easily due to the abundance of mental-illness-to-force-a-romance stuff. Sorry. I know y’all enjoy that. I have depression and I can’t. There’s a time and place for both of those, but I’m getting really tired of it all.

My ideal contemporary is coming-of-age that doesn’t focus on either romance or any particular issue, while still touching on depression and social issues.


Every single jerk dude character who the protagonist falls in love with because he’s Hawt and has Abs. So Stalker Alien from the Fifth Wave, Teen Angst Boi from The Mortal Instruments, Literal Physical Abuser Holy Fuck from Article Five, Other Physical Abuser Except This Time He’s Harry Styles from After, and Piece of Kale from Throne of Glass. Sorry.


Oh my god, so many. I usually mention the Holy Overrated Fantasy Trinity here.

Number one is Sarah J Maas, author of Throne of Glass, where I read book one and hated. This book is written terribly. Maybe the next books get better and I don’t want to disrespect that!! But this book is actually legitimately bad.

Number two is Sabaa Tahir, author of An Ember in the Ashes, which is fairly well-written and well-plotted, but has some of the most annoying characters I’ve seen in a book. They’re flimsy and badly written, but I could’ve handled this if I hadn’t gotten so annoyed. This is one where I genuinely get the hype and I’d maybe check out more of Tahir’s stuff in the future, especially given her fantastic presence online. I just don’t agree with the hype for this particular series.

Number three is The Mortal Instruments, and I actually forced myself through all three of the first trilogy. I have to admit, book three was genuinely pretty good! If the entire series had been like book three I would’ve totally understood the hype. Yes, the characters are flat and boring and stereotypical, but if I’d been entertained it would’ve been fine. I was just so bored.

And a bonus number four that I actually forgot because it’s so damn bland!! Morgan Rhodes and her Falling Kingdoms series. A terrible book.


Mental illness as a plot device. And cheating, of course.


Anything by authors that I’ve mentioned. But also probably The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson, because I just don’t care about that love triangle. Even thinking about it makes me not care.



The 100. Honestly, this is one of the worst books I’ve ever read. It’s terrible. And the show is one of my favorite shows ever.

To copy some of my rant:

• Clarke is not a badass slytherin with complex morality. She’s a shallow, undeveloped prop for a love triangle.
• Bellamy and Clarke have crappy romantic development. I don’t even ship them hard in the show but their relationship is fucking beautiful as a friendship too. Here, their relationship is terrible and based entirely on his abs. Hate it!!
• Wells is basically a creepy stalker, rather than a guy who wants Clarke to be happy even if he can’t be a part of that
• Octavia is whiny and annoying rather than being a badass with a great character arc
• I can’t believe I forgot this but where the fuck was my son Lincoln
• No Raven Reyes whatsoever (was her character based on Glass?? Well, Glass sucks. In contrast Raven is my fucking wife)
• No subversion of a typical love triangle, meaning no takedowns of girl hate, meaning no book version of the Spacewalker episode, meaning no Raven and Clarke’s gorgeous beautiful perfect relationship
• Every single character is white and straight?? oh my god there are literally no characters who aren’t straight and white
• And it pulls the brutal-race-of-brown-people-trope out. I’m not saying the show was immune from this trope but the show had so many major nonwhite characters that I didn’t feel disgusting, and the “other race” was sympathetic in the show.
• Did I mention that there’s literally no moral conflict? Or plot?
• Did I mention Raven was literally not here
• This had nothing to do with the tv show
• The tv show is much better
• Even though I hate season three with the burning passion of a thousand suns


Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this rant about things!!

16 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

  1. Why are you friends with Maybeline on Goodreads? :/
    This is the kind of shit she believes in: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show.html?id=1932025698&page=4

    “I promised myself I would stop replying to the comments but I just want to get this out there.

    We are currently living in a very progressive world where >systematic racism has been abolishedThe type of racism people are complaining about right now is social racism and that can be done to ANYONE of ANY colourWhite people aren’t any more privileged than anyone else. In fact, its reaching a point where coloured people are becoming the privileged ones.<

    The fact that racism against blacks was spoken out about in the book was A+ but when the same thing was done to a white person, it was completely overlooked. That's all I was trying to draw attention to."



    1. hey, so this is a fucking terrifying thing to read in my mentions. I’m sorry, I have no idea who you are, I don’t know you, and I have no idea how you found my blog. or why you looked through my GR. presumably you follow me on twitter or goodreads? I’m sorry, I’m sure your intentions were good, but this is really kind of a creepy message to receive anonymously. Please think about that for the future?? I know your intentions weren’t to scare me, this just feels… creepy.

      also, I basically no longer unfriend people on goodreads bc I did it once and it was a terrifying experience that led to me being harassed for two weeks!!

      To answer your actual question – I don’t agree with what May said in that comment section. I don’t like the way it’s phrased and I don’t agree that people of color are at all more privileged than white people. But no, I am not going to break off a friendship because said friend said something I think is kinda gross. (I also feel like you might want to know she’s not white herself.) It’s also really not your business who I’m friends with or who I interact with. I didn’t agree with or defend her comment. I’m friends with her, the person. That isn’t something you can change, unfortunately.


  2. I’m honestly here for all of the salt all the time. I think I stopped watching OUAT around mid season 3? idk it was boring me, and I haven’t heard great things about it since. I’ve been wanting to try the 100 though, one of my best friends was lowkey obsessed with it for a while.

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  3. I LOVE the 100!! It’s amazing!! (The show, I mean.) I honestly have no idea how I’m going to wait so long for the next season to come out… I look back to the first season, and it’s just crazy how much all of these characters have changed. And tbh, I’m a huge #BELLARKE shipper after the TERRIBLE THINGS the writer did to my homegirl, Lexa. ):<

    I kind of stopped watching OUAT after around Season 5. I didn't like where the plot was going. Regina is still my fave, though. 😀

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    1. i rlly love the show too!! didn’t love the continuation, but one and two are rlly rlly good. I’ve never shipped Bellamy and Clarke that hard tbh – I basically ship all the characters in platonic friendships with everyone else, rather than romantic relationships. but I do really love their development – it’s some of the best I’ve seen in tv!!

      (and YES GOD I actually never liked Lexa in s2 but in s3 she was great. i’m always bitter bc right when I was starting to ship her and Clarke the Thing happened and I think I actually quit the show mostly out of anger :/

      and oh man I love Regina so much!! she’s by far my fave character after her whole arc. If I ever recommend seasons 3-4 of this show, it would be for her character development.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m still so, so, so, sooo incredibly salty about what they did to Lexa. I did NOT see it coming, and it was NOT COOL AT ALL.

        And I totally get why you would platonically ship all the characters! Bellamy and Clarke have such *platonic* chemistry together- if that makes any sense- so I agree, their friendship is just amazing, especially considering that they technically hated each other in S1.

        Regina is probably the only reason I would start watching OUAT again tbh :’)

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      2. oh my god I know. bury your gays x1 million, especially since Jroth implied happy ending so many times.

        yes, they totally do!! I always felt the same way about Clarke and Raven as well, and Clarke and Octavia, and Raven and Bellamy. I just LOVE THEM ALL.

        (and same about Regina lmao)

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  4. Haha, I LOVED A Mango-Shaped Space when I was younger but I’m not sure if I’d like it now that I’m Older and Smarter™ 😂 And oh my god the hot angsty full-of-abs male love interest who borders on abuse is the worst. The. Worst. Honestly the only purpose of that trope is to annoy people. 😂

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  5. Okay I completely agree. I loved Daughter of Deep Silence too, and I didn’t really ship Cassie and Evan either. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way. xD Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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