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Fierce Fangirl Friday: Favorite TV Shows I’ve Ever Watched

Jackie over at TooMuchABookNerd has been doing her new tag, Fierce Fangirl Friday, for… probably a month now? And I have been loving it!! Thanks again to Jackie for establishing such a fabulous tag 🙂

For this week, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite tv shows ever!! I actually barely watch TV anymore, so this is basically all the tv shows I’ve been obsessed with. My life in TV shows? Maybe.

BONUS – Supernatural, seasons 1-5, season 8

This was my favorite show at one point. Please don’t talk to me about this part of my life. Seasons one to three were campy but awesome, four and five were just fabulous, and I’m sad the show went so downhill.

10 – Firefly, season one

This show is heartwarming and full of brilliant squad dynamics. I don’t know if this show is necessarily a masterpiece, but it makes me laugh and occasionally cry. It’s great. Go try it. I believe it’s only on DVD, not Netflix or Hulu, but it’s probably on Amazon too.

9 – Game of Thrones, seasons 1-4, maybe ongoing?

So I do enjoy this show. Yes, there are way too many pedophilic characters and rapists who are portrayed as morally ambiguous when they’re just dicks, and yes, there are so many racist and homophobic tropes I don’t even know how to begin.

At this point, though, I feel as if it’s just pain and more pain and oh look, more fucking pain. So creative. I had this issue with season four, but season five has just been a mess of boring or cringeworthy plotlines. Dany’s storyline is fairly boring, Sansa’s storyline is completely disgusting and handled in a super problematic way, and the capital’s storyline is so disgusting I have trouble watching it. The capital storyline essentially romanticizes a religious vie that calls for the death of all queer people, which is so blatantly disgusting I don’t even know where to begin. Not to mention that the characters whose pain is focused on are all heterosexual. Yeah, homophobia shouldn’t be a plot device. It’s disgusting and I want the whole season 50000 feet away from me.

That being said, I did truly enjoy the first few seasons. Before you ask, Sansa is my favorite character by far. I don’t even know why; she just kills me.

8 – Brooklyn Nine Nine, seasons 1-ongoing

A heartwarming comedy show. But a really high-quality heartwarming comedy show. It’s on Hulu. Go check it out.

7 – Revenge, seasons 1-2

I love this stupid tv show so much. It’s a Monte Christo retelling full of twists and revenge and awesome characters. Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke is one of my all-time favorite heroines. She’s a little bit morally grey, but mostly just morally black. I love her. Check it out on Netflix.

6 – Jessica Jones, season one

This is a one-season exploration of trauma and rape culture, complete with a focus on friendship, a terrifyingly real villain, and one of my all-time favorite heroines. The ending of the last episode gave me chills, y’all. Definitely check this out on Netflix.

5 – Black Mirror

This is a series of standalone episodes, and so many of them are amazing. I originally watched this because of the buzz surrounding San Junipero. And yes, that episode is a masterpiece. But at my cousin’s house this winter, I watched Hated In The Nation, episode 6 of season 3. And it is probably my favorite hour of tv ever. This episode terrifed me more than any horror movie I’ve seen. Every moment is terrifying. That one reviewer who said it was messy can come into my home and fight me. Check it out on Netflix.

4 – Once Upon A Time, season one

A fairy-tale retelling – but INSIDE A TV SHOW.

Season one of this show is freaking brilliant; a dark and suspenseful fairy tale retelling, with focus on a trio of powerful women and their familial relationships, creative backstories for each fairy tale character, brilliant plot twists, two of the most incredible villains of all time, family bonds between adopted parents and birth parents, and a developed yet badass heroine named Emma to boot. Season two is fairly good; though the storyline is lukewarm, the characters are just as great as always, and there’s a fabulous redemption arc for former Evil Queen Regina.

And then it gets shitty. I’m sorry, I know all of you love Hook, he’s hot, he’s fabulous, whatever. Fine. But Emma’s character has lost her spark to this relationship. She has lost her personality, and not in a “character arc” way. She just doesn’t have a character anymore. I also miss the focus on female friendships and family relationships. WHERE DID IT GO. I MISS IT.

I’m bitter and I stopped watching. But I still stand by the masterpiece that is season one.

3 – Glee, seasons 1-2

Okay, yes, it’s not a masterpiece. But I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s so cute and fun and I love all the cheesy duets more than my own life. Couples doing duet performances that parallel their own lives? I’m trash for it.

My advice would be: don’t watch past season two. Maybe watch season three if you really want to. But DO NOT CONTINUE. I promise you will regret it. I promise. Don’t do it.

2 – How To Get Away With Murder, season one

Season one of this show is freaking brilliant. The characters are fabulous and the plot twists are earth-shaking beyond anything else. It’s a Shonda show, guys; there’s a reason she’s so popular.

This show focuses on a team of law students and their teacher, Annalise Keating, after they kill her husband. Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Wes are such individually complicated and interesting characters. I love seeing them develop through the storytelling methods.

While I’m not the biggest fan of season two, I want to recommend this anyway just for the brilliance of season one.

1 – The 100, seasons 1-2

Oh my god, I’m so bitter about this show. DON’T GET ME STARTED. But I love seasons one and two more than my own life.

I think I saw someone call this “teenage game of thrones” and I honestly think that’s unfair to this show. Game of Thrones is honestly torture porn with flashy environments. The 100 is not a flashy environment show and it’s not fantasy. It’s more of a show full of moral conflicts and depth.

I feel so strongly for every single one of these characters. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy would all make my favorite characters of all time list. The relationships between all the characters are so compelling, too. I honestly ship each character with like five other characters.

And if you’re still reading this, my guess is you’re curious whether I’m team Bellarke or Clexa. And the answer is honestly… I ship Clarke with someone else really, really hard. I don’t hate Clexa or Bellarke; I find both of them pretty compelling pairings. But y’all are sleeping on a really fabulous ship here. Clarke and Raven are my forever otp and my favorite non-canon ship of all time. Their development is fabulous, their character dynamic is so compelling… it’s like they were written for me. You know that one episode Spacewalker? The ending of that episode makes me cry my eyes out just because of these two characters. If they got together I would literally watch the rest of the show, no matter how shitty.


If any of you like these shows, PLEASE COMMENT AND FANGIRL WITH ME!! I want to hear your opinions and your saltiness about when the show went downhill. Please, join my bitter ass.



13 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday: Favorite TV Shows I’ve Ever Watched”

    1. Agree about spn. S7 was so dry and boring, I basically only watched it off the bingewatching high. S8 picked up but after that it went down again 😦

      Revenge goes off the tracks third season, so you didn’t miss anything don’t worry 🙂

      I still watch b99!! but ouat… I honestly hate the last few seasons and where they’ve taken Emma’s character 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh man I am with you on so many of these!!

    I like to pretend Supernatural ended after 5 seasons, but I loved it so much. I’m a fan of musicals, of course I watched Glee and enjoyed it even though it had so many issues it’s not even funny as it went on. Sound advice to stop after 2!

    DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON GAME OF THRONES. I loved the first season. This was my favourite series of books at the time, I was so so excited about them and it was well cast and the sets were gorgeous, and the acting was strong. And then the show continued, and it became obvious that this show had a huge problem with rape and misogyny. Literally all of the ingredients were in place for this to be a fabulous adaptation and instead there’s gratuitous violence against women, nudity, and “sexposition”. I ragequit after they changed the Jaime-Cersei scene in the book into non-consensual. I came back last season because GRRM isn’t writing fast enough and I want to know what happens not be spoiled for it, but honestly they’re such different properties now I’m not sure it matters. Sansa is my favourite character too though, and I have enjoyed watching her this last season.

    The 100 made me so angry too because I had been telling everything this is the best show you’re not watching, the female characters are SO three-dimensional, they’re in leadership roles, they are mechanics, and doctors, and warriors, and the protagonist is canonically bisexual! And then season three happened. I think season four has been better – they got Bellamy’s character back on track at least but it can’t wipe out the appalling mess that was season three. I’m in the Bellarke camp, but Raven is my favourite character on the show and I would be totally happy to see her with Clarke!

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    1. aaaah thanks for the comment!! and yeah, seasons 1-5 of spn and 1-2 of Glee are both so good!!

      OH GOD RANT WITH ME. it’s so so disgustingly misogynistic and they add stuff for drama and I hate it?? it’s so yikes.

      same about season three!! t100 was my favorite show ever, I recommended it to everyone I knew, I was obsessed… and then I had to take back all my love because it was so BAD. and Raven’s my favorite too!!

      Liked by 1 person



    And then the third season happened. And I was SO disappointed. Like WHY. Why did you ruin such a wonderful show????? I’m honestly so sad, I will only ever claim season 1 and 2 of the show… the other two can choke LMAO.

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